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    Quote Originally Posted by whatever View Post
    it's easier to just get them interested in typology and get them to type themselves as you get to know them... you have a better chance of accuracy that way
    It's also really hard. If they're your friends, you can get them to do the test but even then a good majority of them will never get into it as much as you do (I've yet to get a single person to pick this up as a hobby) and the test results will often be inaccurate. Not exactly a reliable method really, especially for strangers.
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    There is no way to reliably type a stranger quickly. What I do think works is looking for patterns in communications. Spoken and written words give clues as to functions a person may prefer. They're clues though.

    It is easy to make mistakes with this sort of thing and if you make erroneous assumptions that you act upon it can create a barrier to communication and understanding rather than enhancing it though.
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