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Being Ni I live in pessimism quite a bit. It is heavily tied to Se as well and pulling in what is in front of us. I can recognize this and relate to INTJs. They tend to express their pessimism more then me, I just keep pushing forward supressing the Fi portion. When Fi wins out is when they get stuck in an Ni-Fi loop. You just gotta keep pushing forward at these times.

edit: I dont use Fi for energy though so its not that hard for me to push back Fi.
The Ni and "pessimism" thing doesn't really resonate with me. Generally the normal orientation is "hope for the best, plan for the worst." I consider myself an optimist at heart but I am always planning for things that can go wrong. I make assumptions, in fact, that they will. It helps to assure a more positive outcome. It's not about being pessimistic.

This loop thing - I don't know. My imagination can run away with me at times thinking negative thoughts. I'm guessing that's the loop thing.