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    Default Ne as Dom, Aux and Tert

    How do they differ?

    Or, more precisely, how does Ne differ among:

    ENXP, ESXJ, and INXP

    in its expression? How/When does it manifest?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Little Linguist View Post
    How do they differ?

    Or, more precisely, how does Ne differ among:

    ENXP, ESXJ, and INXP

    in its expression? How/When does it manifest?

    First off, I'd like to say that I hate Ne, because I find it one of the hardest functions to describe. Second, I'm going to try because everyone seems to be ignoring your thread and I feel sorry for you.

    Ne tend to be concerned with the intersection of ideas and the real world. It is associated with the drive to explore and experiment with that interection. Reading about an idea is one thing, but seeing it in action is another.

    In the prime position, the ENP feels a desire to follow where their ideas and see as much of this intersection as possible. An ENPs and ESPs outwards behaviour can often seem quite similar, but the underlying motivations are different. The ESP want to experience thing for what they are. The ENP wants to experiencing things because of what they represent.

    A healthy ENP will seek to experience as much as possible and shift through them to find those that seemed the most worthwhile (as determined in accordance with the auxillary). Those adventures that are deemed to have been good will probably be followed up on in some way.

    In an INP, the Ji function is the lead function, and Ne type exploration is used to find subjected matter for consideration. More time is given to this consideration than in the ENP, which usually leads to a narrower field of focus. Once this enlengthened period of inspection is over, the INPs attention flicks outwards again to find something new. In a unhealthy INP, the auxillary is often underused leading excessive, perhaps even obsessive amounts of time spent fixated on one subject.

    In an ESJ Ne is un the tertiary position, where in can often be troublesome. Typical, when the drives of the primary Je are thawted, the tertiary Ne prompts the ESJ to rapidly try out another method, rather than taking the time to think about what went wrong (the Si drive). Frequently, this just leads to them making mistakes faster rather than learning much.

    A more developed Ne in an ESJ can lead the person to be willing to experiment in a controled fashion, giving the opportunity to learn new things.
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    Using the archetypes:
    ENP: heroic; ego's main drive, shapes persona
    INP: parental; used to support others; we like to show others other possible perspectives
    ESJ: child; relief; not initially trusted, but then turned to to maintain dominant orientation.

    Like my wife will become "silly" with ideas, or enthusiastically try to push ideas on me (when I'm already set on a course of action). It's like a total reversal, because I'm the one usually being light and open with Ne, while she's set in her ways. So the way we engage Ne/[Si] (parent vs child) can clash with and annoy each other like a child annoying a parent.
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