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In my case, I'm not really stuck on one dichotomy, but I test very close on T/F, although I would like to be F more than I'd like to be T (it sounds better), so that's what I call myself.

My guess is that people are usually stuck on the one dichotomy where they feel closest to the other side. Since the system isn't absolute, there is room for shift between the 16 types, so they may feel caught between two similar types, especially in IxTP's case, or in INxJ's case. Those two make sense to me. S/N I could understand in many cases, but J/P confusion has me at a loss. They're completely different functions. INTx and INFx are practically meaningless. People really shouldn't be confused on that one, in my opinion. J's and P's think in radically different ways.
The more MBTI related books I read, the more convinced I'm an INFP, but also, the more confused I get over Ni and Ne (and to a lesser extent Ti and Te).

I've reached the conclusion that my J/P confusion is not over my dominant Fx function, but over the fact that I often feel I relate as much or more to Ni than Ne (although I think I've started to notice more subconscious use of Ne at times now that I'm trying to pay attention to it) and have a hard time figuring out which I'm using at any given time. In theory, I should have very poor Ni use, but I feel like I either use them equaly, or give a slight edge to Ni.