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    Default MBTI and Belbin team roles


    (I did do a search for this but did not find a similar thread)

    I came across the 'Belbin' team roles (e.g. Belbin) as part of a management training and recently came back to it as part of project work to try and make sense of why I am getting nowhere with the project (Turns out it's not role or type related but I am just a lazy ***? Who'd have thought?)

    Anyway I am wondering if you guys have any thoughts on correspondence between the roles and the MBTI types/functions.

    It is explicitly stated that they don't 'exactly' correlate especially as different people can play different roles at different times depending on the team, situation etc but I think there must be a link between 'preferred' or 'common' roles and type.

    For example I am quite a strong ENTP and would never feel comfortable with the 'Completer Finisher' role (though strangely 2 bosses - both ISTJs - have thought this is what I am - very meticulous and detail orientated! I'm not - they're mistaking 'seeing the consequences of actions far into the future and as part of a system' (Ne/Ti) with 'getting bogged down in details' (Si/Te) I think...) I mostly carry out the 'Shaper', 'Monitor Evaluator' or (less so) 'Specialist' role in a team.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on this? I tried to put together some functions/roles likelihood but got tied up in knots so thought I'd ask


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    The types tie quite closely to the various roles but personally I wouldn't engage in such frippery as functions and roles. T means nothing without N or S and Te is the same as Ti in nature just not application and applications alter according to situation, need and other personality factors.

    Thought I would have thought that resource investigator would suit an ENTP. Basic contact with people (in case they're not clever enough for you) and some requirement for on the spot solving of problems. Of course it'd suit an ESTP more but at least with an ENTP you could orchestrate better.
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    i'm a shaper/coordinator/completer finisher and an enfj, if that helps at all lol

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