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    Cool Full detailed description of every type

    Are you doubting your type? No problem, Coco will fix it.
    I'll explain each type in details wiht the functions (so its not "useless old stereotypical crapz".

    INFP = They're always fine (FiNe)
    ENFP = They're asian women who don't like fires (NeFi) (no fire in an asian accent o.o)
    INFJ: They're extremly dangerous and go crazy with their knives (NiFe) (knife)
    ENFJ: They understand when it's Finn who did it (FeNiSe) (Finn... I see!)

    INTP: They're small (TiNe) (tiny)
    ENTP: They're asian women who don't like to tie their shoes (NeTi) (no tie)
    INTJ: They like the number ninety-five (NiTeFi)
    ENTJ: They understand when something is thin. (TeNiSe) (Thin. I see)

    ISFP: They're fancy (FiSe) (they have big teeth and a weird accent?)
    ESFP: They like to see fights (SeFiTe) (see fight)
    ISTP: They tell people to shut up because they CAN see (TiSe) (ttttt i see!)
    ESTP: They tell their dog called Ifee to sit (SeTiFe) (sit, ifee)

    ISFJ: They're snake pirates who fit (SiFeTi) (ssss I fit! Ayeee!)
    ESFJ: Their jaw drops when they see something shiny (FeSiNe) (ffff- Shiny!)
    ISTJ: They like sites (SiTe) (boring i know :[ just adding to the stereotype o.o)
    ESTJ: They like to design (TeSiNe) (design with a weird accent too)

    Me? Bored. Naaah
    Add more if you want lol xD

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    Holy crap that was HILARIOUS!

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    Ahaha - love it!

    Here's a different spin on a few:

    ENFJ: They always feel nice - in baby talk. (FeNiSe) (Fee-Nice!)

    ENTJ: They live in Tennessee. (TeNiSe)

    ISFP: They're feisty & have trouble with Ts. (FiSe)

    ESTP: They like to lounge on settees. (SeTi)

    ISFJ: They like to be safe & have southern US accents (SiFe) (I feel siiiife).

    ISTJ: They see have good vision. (SiTe) (sight)
    OR they finish websites in French (Site FiNe) - "Site fini!"

    ESTJ: They like to sign documents (TeSiNe) ("to sign")
    Often a star was waiting for you to notice it. A wave rolled toward you out of the distant past, or as you walked under an open window, a violin yielded itself to your hearing. All this was mission. But could you accomplish it? (Rilke)

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