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    Default Decision Making: Links b/t Six Hats and 8 functions of type?

    The Six Hats

    White - Facts & Information
    Red - Feelings & Emotions + Intuition
    Black – Critical Judgment
    Yellow – Positivity
    Green – New Ideas / Creativity
    Blue – Process Control / The Big Picture.
    i use de bono's Six Thinking Hats quite often
    ...anybody familiar with the system and see
    links between which functions do we access
    when we wear each hat?

    ie. would Se dominant users be out of their comfort zone,
    wearing the green hat for new ideas / creativity:
    "what do we know" vs "what could be?"

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    I'm pretty familiar with his work. You could draw some parallels between the steps and functions I imagine. It seems limiting to do so though when the concept is that the group or individual work an idea through the steps.

    I guess yellow, green and red are more comfortable and fun for me than the other three. Nice mind map btw. I like it.

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    Strange, I was thinking about this a couple of days ago - university project, project management frameworks etc - 'is there any correspondence' (natural impulse is to try and relate them!) - open to debate (being proved wrong... ) I'm sure but this is what I came up with:

    Black (critical, caution, logic, what can go wrong) - Ti, Si, Te
    White (information, logic, facts) - Si, Ti, Te
    Yellow (optimism, positive, value) - Ni? Fi? (don't think this is correlated to a function though)
    Green (ideas, creativity, new) - Ne, Se?
    Red (feelings, hunches, gut feeling) - Ni, Fi
    Blue (manage, control, overview) - Fe, Te

    I use the green and black 'hat' most of the time, sometimes simultaneously

    Do people actually have physical hats as part of the process with this - I always thought it was just a metaphorical hat - but something I read the other day I inferred they are actually real... can I order a set please

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