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    The saturned world would be a giant globe of pudding floating in space and we could all be space dragons (AMGS YES) eating pudding and drinking space dust nectar and swimming in the miasma of glory.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magic Qwan View Post
    Explain this in greater depth…
    Like I think about myself and my ENFP 9w1 so/sp friend... I am definitely the more outgoing and outspoken between the two of us... but she is more social and more negotiating... she's also got a touch of OCD... so at work sometimes we'll split our tasks and I'll ask her to do the meticulous decorating while I'll do the more holistic, efficiency-demanding task... I assume that correlates roughly to her having better Si and me having better Te... and sometimes when we want to know information she'll go and shmooze with other departments while I go track down my favorite people and ask them point-blank... so we sort of divide and conquer. I feel like that's how it'd work with this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Random Ness View Post
    Assuming MBTI is genetic? Do you think earth would fall apart with everyone having the same weaknesses, or do you think some people would develop different functions that are missing in order to survive?
    Assuming MBTI is genetic, I expect we'd see the emergence of recessive genes after a generation or two. If you divided humanity into 16 sectors, it wouldn't hold up for more than a few years at best. Diversity is survival.

    In response to the OP, I cannot say what 16 different worlds would be like, but I can share the experience of living in a household with 4 IFPs. Basically, everyone spun on their own orbit much of the time. Self-entertainment was the norm. Creative projects were embraced, though seldom finished. Individuals were subtly coerced into not following their genuine impulses to conform; instead the sentiment "Don't be like anyone else" was underhandedly demanded. Animals were a valued part of the family, and nature was respected. No one wanted to have their internal state altered, tempered, or even peered into.

    I'd like to add something about peace, harmony, and gentleness...except as one of the "angry, oppositional" Fi-users, I more or less shattered the idyll with my flareups. So, living in INFP-land wouldn't necessarily be as serene as you might expect. Actually, it might be better to divide us into enneagram types, or tritypes, cause I was a LOT different from the other INFPs in my family, lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Savage Idealist View Post
    Imagine 16 different worlds where everyone was one certain type; like a world of INTJ's or a wold of ESFP's. What would these worlds be like, and how do you think societies would funtion with people of similar personalities?
    My friends and I played this game with enneagram last year and came up with some funny scenarios. : )

    I don't know as much about MBTI types but I would do just fine in a world of 4s. Most of the music I listen to is written by 4s and most men I've fallen hardest for are 4s. I'd miss some of my close friends but oh well. I'm sick of being tortured by 7s anyway.

    Just imagine the artistry, the expressive architecture, the beauty, the heart-wrenching music, the colorful flowers arranged with meaning behind them, arrangements of trees meant to convey a personal message. Walking down the street to hear soulful music, tearful musicians, wailing violins surrounded by expressive and unique paintings on the sides of buildings, mimes and dancers telling their story through their limbs with wild, personalized outfits. What could be better?

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