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View Poll Results: What is your birth order and J/P level?

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  • EJ (read the post for an explanation)

    7 3.72%
  • Ej

    5 2.66%
  • Ex

    0 0%
  • Ep

    4 2.13%
  • EP

    15 7.98%
  • OJ

    19 10.11%
  • Oj

    10 5.32%
  • Ox

    2 1.06%
  • Op

    13 6.91%
  • OP

    40 21.28%
  • MJ

    6 3.19%
  • Mj

    2 1.06%
  • Mx

    0 0%
  • Mp

    9 4.79%
  • MP

    15 7.98%
  • YJ

    8 4.26%
  • Yj

    7 3.72%
  • Yx

    0 0%
  • Yp

    5 2.66%
  • YP

    21 11.17%
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    Default Birth Order and J vs P

    So I've been wondering if birth order has any effect on J/P. I have a straightforward sibling line up that goes:

    Oldest ENTJ
    Middle INTj (somewhat J)
    Youngest INTP

    If you notice the judging gets less and less as you decline in order, and I'm wondering how common this is. A lot of the oldest child description I read is consistent with J, and a lot of the youngest child description I read is consistent with P.

    Sometimes birth order isn't so straight forward, though. To figure out where you fit in you need to consider some exceptions. If there's a gap of seven years or more, between siblings, it could end up causing a sort of new order.

    1st Child 14 years
    2nd Child 12 years
    3rd Child 5 years
    4th Child 3 years

    In the above situation you have a new order started, and the 2nd child would be more like a last born, and the third child would be a lot like a first born.

    Another factor that can come into play is if a child is physically or mentally challenged. A friend from a while back was the younger brother of two, but in many ways he functioned like a first born because something was wrong with his older brother. I can't remember what it was, but this friend was always the smarter, more capable one. So, although he was younger, he began to function like an oldest child.

    Death, multiple births, and adoption can also work to make the birth order issue more complicated.

    So, if you're quite certain where you fit in the birth order line up, why don't you go ahead and vote in my poll. The following letters will represent your order:

    E = only child (exclusive)
    O = oldest
    M = middle
    Y = youngest

    The following letters represent five levels of J/P.

    J = J out the A
    j = somewhat J... kinda questionable
    x = not sure of J or P
    p= somewhat p... kinda questionable
    P = P like a G

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    filling some space UnitOfPopulation's Avatar
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    Eldest brother ESTj
    Middle brother iNTp
    Me enTp (at the moment)

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    Jul 2007


    I'm an only child, and I seem to be strongly J. My mother seems to be a P. I don't know about the rest of my family.

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    heart on fire
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    I am the youngest of five by about ten years. I was the only child my parents had together.

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    INFj None


    I'm the oldest of three, but our current ages are:

    me (INFX)- 37
    EXXJ brother- 31
    ISTP brother- 16

    My husband is a firstborn INTP with an ESFJ sister nine years younger than him.

    My children are:
    daughter (14)- INTj
    daughter (13)- IXFP
    son (11)- EXTX
    son (9)- IXTP
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    for the longest time I thought my brother was a p but now I think he may actually be a j not a hundred % sure but the type he fits the best is ESTP but he could be ENTP or ENTJ I don't see him as a ESTJ but i could be wrong..

    my dad who is the oldest in his family is defiently a p xtxp i suspect either intp or istp and my mom Iwhose the youngest in her's is defiently a j infj. Though I do think my dad's a N as neither one of my parents are that in touch with reality.

    but the other night their was a conversation with my parents and we came to the conclusion that my brain and my dads brain is similar and my moms and brothers brain is similar but my mom and I are both Fs and my brother and dad are both Ts. Ok that second part wasn't talked about but that's what I've gather from my observations.
    In no likes experiment.

    that is all

    i dunno what else to say so :hi:

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    May I ask why E = only and O = eldest? [smile.]

    In any case I'm the elder of two daughters, both of us are Js.

    My husband is a P, his two younger brothers are Js.

    My son is a P, his younger sister is a J (four years apart).

    Jae Rae
    Proud Female Rider in Maverick's Bike Club.

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    insert random title here Randomnity's Avatar
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    May 2007
    6w5 sp/sx


    I am the eldest. I think I'm a P but I do have J tendencies at times...

    My sisters, oldest to youngest (2-3 years between each of us):

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    Senior Member Lateralus's Avatar
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    May 2007


    I'm the oldest of 8 (all from the same two parents) and I'm definitely a P, but I have enough J qualities that I'm able to function in the world reasonably well.

    Me: ENXP
    Sister (2 years younger): ESFJ
    Sister (4 years younger): EXFP
    Brother (7 years younger): ESXP (I think)
    Brother (9 years younger): ESXP
    Brother (11 years younger): ENFP
    Brother (13 years younger): ESTJ
    Brother (15 years younger): INTP
    "We grow up thinking that beliefs are something to be proud of, but they're really nothing but opinions one refuses to reconsider. Beliefs are easy. The stronger your beliefs are, the less open you are to growth and wisdom, because "strength of belief" is only the intensity with which you resist questioning yourself. As soon as you are proud of a belief, as soon as you think it adds something to who you are, then you've made it a part of your ego."

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    Older Brother = ?? He died when he was 4.
    Myself = P
    Younger brother = J
    Fe/Fi 36.9/37.7
    Ne/Ni 34.9/25.8
    Se/Si 25.7/19.5
    Te/Ti 28.4/31.9
    Type: 2w% sx/sp/so

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