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    Not as "peaceful" as descriptions I have read make me out to be. Not a fan of "poetic justice" really. And although I did pretty well at school when I was there, I dropped out in my final year.

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    How am I not the same?
    How am I differently the same?
    Dimensional tapping in a vorticity to yours.

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    I have all of the positive attributes and none of the negative ones. (ah-just kidding)

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    Default ENTP!!!!

    Well that's my type.

    I am stereotypical in some ways but I believe in most ways I am not.

    I am way more responsible than most ENTPs are. Atleast compared to my ENTP cousin (elder to me and is also a doctor). Not very absent minded. Do forget things. (Write things down as a habit in a to-do-list.)

    I like to do certain things as habits everyday which other ENTPs seem to hate, such as hitting the gym everyday (well it doesn't happen everyday since I have my lazy morning moments), sleeping on time and having the alarm set for the same time in the morning etc. (These also don't happen as planned but I do my very best ). But have heard once habits are picked up people will stick to them no matter what. So I guess it is me being habitual than me being an unconventional ENTP.

    I love science. but not a science freak. I stop when the interest runs out. Am not a nerd like most INTPs are but surely knows more than what people around me knows when it comes to most subjects, including religion. So people do raise their eye brows quite often when I open my mouth from time to time on certain subjects. But I am less scientifically inclined than most xNTPs as my explanations emit the scientific facts but rather stick to the interesting information.

    (A good difference to this is what @JocktheMotie explained in his post in this thread. As he seems to like the drag the science aspect which seems to interest him the most in the information he provides, as opposed to me being interested in the interesting aspect rather than the science aspect.)

    I don't think I really look like an INTP. I blow the whole VI typing thing out of the water. Gish mentioned once, "Jock looks like he's going to come up and brofist you, but then he starts talking about how plants use properties of quantum entanglement during photosynthesis."
    I don't like to waste/misplace things. ENTPs seem to use things and throw (misplace) them away after sometime. Me on the other hand is very protective of the things I have spent valuable money on (especially if my parent got them to me when I was young). I am not a waster of money. Okay that is not entirely true. But comparatively I am better off.

    My father is an ESTJ (stereotypical), mother an ESFP (stereotypical) and sister an ESTP (again stereotypical). Both my mother and my sister are in so many levels forgetful, impulsive etc (but are excellent family members and are the best I could say compared to most of my relatives and friends). I on the other hand is incredibly much better off than the both of them. This could be due to me having a great influence from my father.

    (This is confusing since I get the vibe that ESxPs are supposed to be more earthy and less forgetful than ENTPs. Could this mean I have an extremely well developed wing 6? Because I know I am a 7w6 for sure... atleast for now.)

    In a way after reading through my posts I guess I am a typical ENTP with strong SJ influences recorded in to my brain, which is quite a good thing. The ENTP Achilles heel is Si and Te. I atleast have strong Si I guess .

    Oh, I also have a slight compulsive disorder. Does the same act sometimes twice or thrice before fully being satisfied with myself. I picked it up from my father who does the same thing and says the same thing atleast 5 times. (I am not joking.)


    No matter what I
    No matter how hard I
    I am always always always

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    But like alllll ENTPs, I'm so very cute!

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    I don't have any discretion. I'm able to strike up a conversation with almost anyone. I was a fantastic wingman for a filming project on camera to set up random students at school together. I wasn't even sure I was an introvert until I learned the way introverts take in information (introspective, high retention of information).

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    These are simple "MBTI" now and I'm just spouting off. I could say I'm more of a creative artist than a calculator. Calculator mode is more of my approach to daily things and interacting with people problems.

    I'm stereotypically "P" I think, much more in some ways than others. I imagine a lot of self-typed INTJs esp those who take the test as clear J scheduled and decisive make me seem a lot more like other INTPs superficially. Lazy, uncertain, thoughtful, not a leader, etc. But thanks to the advanced MBTI book I realized I'm not INTP.

    I'm also more F, was undecided once if I'm T or F, and then decided that I'm a T more comparatively and stereotypically. However although I act Vulcan compared to peopley people, I look soft and sometimes internally illuminating and visually personable, with those who interest me and are comfortable. Can laugh and have silly times with people. Just not much of an ethics / humanitarian person by default.

    So can't say if other INTJs relate to me here in these departments or if it's unique? Seems like it's all related to the human condition in general.

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    6w7 sp/sx


    I'm outgoing. All of my friends are people who I sought out.

    I care about form, not just function. At some point, an increase in function requires an increase in form (to tighten the design).

    And it might be a little proud for me to say this, but I think I accept my Ne better than the prototypical ISTJ.
    I don't see any invisible treasure chests.

    • MBTI? ISTJ
    • Enneagram? 6 with a strong 7 wing
    • Brony? Yes
    • Stereotypes?

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    6w7 sx/sp


    I'm not fond of dogs.
    I'm not fond of guns.
    I'm not fond of mechanic.
    I'm not fond of catch or soccer.
    I like poetry.
    I like flowers and perfumes.
    I adore Lady Gaga, Boy George, and Queen.
    I"m not a Cro-Magnon.
    I'm sensitive and care a lot about relationships.
    I'm interested in what is fashionable and glamorous.
    I'm a quite good conversationalist.
    I adore to dance.
    I'm very inquisitive.
    EsTP 6w7 Sx/Sp

    Chaotic Neutral

    E=60% S=55% T=70% P=80%

    "I don't believe in guilt, I only believe in living on impulses"

    "Stereotypes about personality and gender turn out to be fairly accurate: ... On the binary Myers-Briggs measure, the thinking-feeling breakdown is about 30/70 for women versus 60/40 for men." ~ Bryan Caplan

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    I find it hard to relate to some of the members in this forum who identify as INFP and I'm sure many of them don't relate to me. Strangely, I can relate more to the thoughts expressed by some female INFPs than males. A few in particular come to mind.

    I've also been mistaken as an INTP before, though I'm fairly certain that F is a better fit than T. I try to be as objective as possible in my reasoning. Sometimes, I play devil's advocate and argue in favor of a viewpoint that I don't necessarily uphold for the sake of analyzing a different perspective and refining my own opinions, as well as challenging others to question their beliefs. I look for contradictions a lot. If someone proclaims a belief to be absolute truth, then I try to think of a circumstance where it isn't true. Consequently, I rarely make affirmative statements and often use indefinite words to express my ideas unless I'm certain they are true. This may be the result of my perceiving preference and a reluctance to make hasty decisions without considering all possibilities.

    Sometimes I veer off topic too which is probably typical of INFPs.

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