So... the other day my sister and I listened to the radio..and there was "Another brick in the wall" song... which is one of my favorite songs.. so I was like "yay!" and my sister said "oh, please, turn down the radio, that song really disturbs me", I asked why (though i had feeling i know the answer) she said: "i am too traditional for that song, i feel threatened" I saw on her she is really disturbed

Now, we both went to mostly same schools, and discussed couple of times how school system is very shitty and all... but still. Threatens her.

Situation 2:

I've been talking to my sister about relationships, and hers with her boyfriend..we came to conclusion how he is more in love with the image of her, because she's "a catch", than in her for real... and how he doesnt really know her, so it looks sometimes...

then i asked her (catching for a deep moment)

do you really know who you are?
she was " what kind of question is that??? no really?"
and went to do laundrey or something like that.

I really love her, but isnt this totally... and

Share your moments with SOME types that were or :yim_rolling_on_the_ to you..?