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    Default Where are you most likely to find EACH type?

    Title says it all.

    Where are you most likely to find each type, in public?

    I know i've heard you'll most likely find a lot of ENTPs at hockey games, but what about the rest of the types?

    Where are surefire places you'll find atleast one of each type?

    Tell me places YOU would hang out, or be most likely seen, and give me lots of opinions.

    Thank you.

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    Great thread

    This is hard for me but I'm a bit of a homebody, but if I'm not at at friend's/S.O/relatives:

    1. My favourite restaurant
    2. Library/Cinema/ Book/ DVD shop

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    He who laughs
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    when Im not at home?

    In the park taking a walk


    In the pub with friends (one of those little places with different special kinds of beer)

    At an underground party

    At a jazz club

    At the cinema, usually arthouse-cinema.

    At a not too crowded good restaurant

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    The INTP, a rare and reclusive specimen, is almost never present in the wild of his own volition, since he prefers to remain in his dwelling lurking various forums in order to amass and categorize vast quantities of only tenuously-relevant information.

    If one should ever gain access to the computer of an INTP - often his most sacred object (thought when stolen away quietly its absence might go unnoticed for a great deal of time) - a few distinctive features will stand out. First, look at his browser. If there are five different typology or MBTI-type-related forums open concurrently, or if the desktop looks like it's being organized by three different systems at once, without any of the three being complete, then chances are your specimen is an INTP.

    In writing, the defining feature of the INTP - aside from his often-cruel wit, will be his vicious pedantry. Expect constructions like "to who it was given," or "what helped me was she being there," to bring on comparisons of the user's intellect to that of a primate or an inanimate object. Spelling errors are seen as sins meriting flagellation. The use of 'u' to stand for 'you' or other such instances of greatly altering the English language will practically guarantee the cessation of all communication with the user by the INTP; however, often-byzantine abbreviations such as 'tbqf' to stand for 'to be quite frank' are used frequently, and the INTP will express genuine incredulity whenever the other party is not able to instantly decipher any new abbreviation the INTP has used. In addition, in personal communication the INTP is not necessarily insistent on proper capitalization and punctuation.

    In the wild, should one happen across an individual wandering forlornly and aimlessly looking alternately at the ground and at the clouds as well as avoiding eye-contact with any passers-by, then one might have spotted an INTP on a rare fresh air excursion. Additional indicators of INTPdom might include sudden changes in direction, a sporadic avoidance of various ground elements such as cracks or tiles of a specific colour, occasional stops to stare blankly at nothing with an emotionless face. The speed with which the INTP walks is almost invariably inversely proportional to his knowledge of his destination.

    A very good indicator of INTPdom is smiling or smirking without any obvious cause. Also indicative are sudden stops in motion accompanied by a rapid movement of the head, with eyes searching all around, as though the INTP were sniffing out the scent of an idea hiding behind a metaphorical bush or tree, his Ti thirsting to disembowel it.

    Owing to the fact that most INTPs will spend their free time writing unnecessarily complicated, tangentially relevant responses to various threads on various forums, the INTP could be perhaps the rarest type to spot in public.

    [The above rant was written based on my experiences. The description of the INTP's going for a walk is 100% true to my life.]

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    Haha! Thanks for the good laugh, Shmoo. And the good advice.

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    INFJ - At a coffee shop reading a book and people watching.
    INFP - At home playing video games or cutting out a costume to dress up as one of their favourite characters.
    ENFP - At a new ethnic restaurant they've never tried with a group of cool best friends that they met yesterday.
    ENFJ - Organizing an event that will help better the world in some way.
    ENTJ - In a business meeting or in their hotel room working on new powerpoints.
    INTJ - At home watching the Simpsons and passively listening to their answering machine messages complaining about how they never come out to do anything fun and that a night in doesn't count as plans.
    ESTP - Wherever the action is. Making it happen. It very well may involve sex in public somewhere during the course of the evening.
    ENTP - Hang gliding and experimenting with working the glider differently than the instructor suggested to see what happens.
    ESTJ - Cooking up a fabulous dinner for their SO, or socializing with a group of buddies from work at the best sports bar in the area.
    ESFJ - (females) At the nearest Mary Kay/Partylite/Epicure party, usually hosting it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fidelia View Post
    INTJ - At home watching the Simpsons and passively listening to their answering machine messages complaining about how they never come out to do anything fun and that a night in doesn't count as plans.
    Stop spying on me at home.
    Everybody have fun tonight. Everybody Wang Chung tonight.


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    INTp Ni


    ENTP: On any form of public transport starting a conversation with a stranger.

    ENTJ: At a club with friends sneaking of into toilet every now and again to go over observations of human behaviour when intoxicated to write human observations notebook at home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HotpinkHeatwave View Post
    I know i've heard you'll most likely find a lot of ENTPs at hockey games, but what about the rest of the types?
    The only kind of sporting even that I would ever be at is a hockey game...or possibly baseball.

    I go to bars sometimes if I have someone to go with. Same with movie theaters. I don't like to go by myself.

    Eating out is relaxing.

    When I can't find the time or energy to go out and socialize, I enjoy hiking, which I'm about to go do.

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    I can't identify with the INTJ one, Fiddy
    Then again, i'm nuts.

    ESFJs: organizing fundraisers.
    ESTJs: working as cops.
    ISTJs: doing everything, everywhere.
    ISFJs: at the hospital, taking care of others.

    ENFJs: weird cults. PR offices.
    INFJs: teaching the children.
    INFPs: uhm, heaven? Angels must be INFPs.
    ENFPs: in the bars, drinking all the alcohol while not realizing everyone are hitting on them.

    ENTJs: managing crime syndicates, corporations, businesses and countries.
    INTJs: working menial jobs while dreaming big.
    INTPs: working menial jobs while dreaming big.
    ENTPs: in the bar, drinking all the alcohol, hitting on everything.

    ESFPs: seriously, you don't need to look for them, they're in your face.
    ESTPs: in the bar with the ENTP, making him look a bit stupid.
    ISFPs: reliving the 70's in some park with a guitar.
    ISTPs: skydiving.

    Mightier than the tread of marching armies is the power of an idea whose time has come

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