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And most men?

Okay, I think I've got a handle on this. The explanation of the extrovert thinking (and the difference between that and the introvert thinking) represents why when most people hear the word "extrovert" they think "self centered attention whore" . At least that's my experience with rather prejudiced introverts but regardless of that, I think the way of relating to the object is what makes people have that perception about extroverts.
The extrovert sees this object and wonders where it fits in their life in a way that orders them first. The introvert see this object and wonder how to relate it to themselves.

Or not. Dammit, that slight difference in word structure in the explanation paints the picture. It makes it clear to me but I can't articulate it or explain but I know what it means. I can feel what it means but I can't explain it.
The second way I explained it makes more sense and is more closely related to the actual definition of what Jung says, if that helps.

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Look at Se and Si as an example -- maybe the infamous chair example. Se sees the chair just as it is. Maybe that image of the chair impacts Ti/Fi, but this energy immediate pings back out into the environment and is focused on the chair. The actual image of the chair is the focus of the energy, and the person responds to it. This is also called an "objective" response because the object is external and thus accessible to all in the same form.

Meanwhile, Si typically already has an image of a chair inside. Perception is aimed outward, sees the chair, and data about the chair pings back inside, and the introvert is focused on comparing it to the internal image of the chair. The result might be to decide the external chair is not a good chair, or it could be to update the internal image of the chair to a better one, or something else; but the response is "subjective" because it all happens inside. The focus is to somehow impact the interior world of the introvert.
I think this is a great example. The value of the object for the introverted function is lower so it is much more subjective. While the object is the importance for the extraverted function and thus why it remains objective.