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From what I've read about Melancholy, to equate it with SJs seems rather laughable. I've seen these connections made, which make more sense to me (although I don't think they align perfectly):

NF - Melancholy
SP - Sanguine
SJ - Phlegmatic
NT - Choleric
The confusion there lies in the difference between the Keirsey groups and the Interaction Styles. The SJ Guardian is definitely a classic Melancholy in the area of leadership and action. Chart the Course (IST/INJ) is also Melancholy on the social level.
As I had said, a lot of temperament profiles do not divide them between social and leadership skills, so they're lookign at a general profile that includes both, and likely embodies the ISTJ, which is the purest Melancholy of the types, and has a strong tertiary Fi, especially females (and the dominant Si might lead them to identify with the "traditional roles of women", which is stereotypically "feeling".

This is what I believe these Melancholy profiles that make them seem like Feelers are going by.
I only sometimes test mel-phleg anyway. I'm not an easy-going, peace-making type, and I definitely don't come off that way to those close to me (as I receive different feedback).
In that case, INFP could also be Supine (and most of them in fact do lean more toward that), which is even more reserved than the Phlegmatic, and thus looks more like a Melancholy.

I thought you had taken one of those tests here, but again, I wasn't able to find it so far.