you can like something bc you see why someone else likes it. you like it through the eyes of others, like how i like the gun club thru the eyes of candylandjoe or a few of my other infp friends. you can see value in it in a way that feels objectively verified by others whose opinion you respect. the why adds meaning. some do more due diligence with being reticent to give respect in such a way and requiring others to earn it via expertise, persuasion, etc. i constantly rely on nfps and ntps for the truths they have built out of their own subjective, story-building approaches.

i studied anthropology. i can be interested in a work entirely based on its resonance at various levels of social life. questions can emerge that can heighten my engagement with it and with the discourse surrounding it. i can see what is at stake for others outside of myself.

and i can see what is at stake for myself as well, tho it can be EXTREMELY difficult to hear myself amidst the clatter of others in REAL TIME. that is why ijs have such a conservative demeanor, and why people assume injs are often far more conservative than they are. (i'm built to recognize relationships and grammatical contexts that help me see from many perspectives simultaneously, not to refer to previously stored truths or case histories that will guide right/wrong action). it just takes time for me to sort out all the voices making up a discourse, recognize what i need and value, and most of all, recognize how i weigh those personal desires against a larger group, and smaller subgrlups, and finding where i place my identifications and what strengths those identifications maintain amidst something complex like evaluating or making a decision (for ij reasoning is still much more an act of synthesizing information and then building a systemic strategy that balances factors vs the truth-building of Ji dom ip types).