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    Default Fears (Thoughts on Clairvoyance?)

    Hi, just wondered what everyone thought of psychics and the like.... My mum came today and told me some stuff that a clairvoyant told her about several members of my family )
    Though I am a fan of people such as Derren Brown, and pretty much think that there are too many commercial mediums about these days for them all to have 'the gift,' I am concerned about the idea of self-fulfilling prophecy, which is more human than metaphysical, as in, now that we've/I've heard things, I'll unconsciously make them happen. This is bad, because some of the things said would be devastating to the people I care about...

    This is a stupid irrational fear of loss and I dunno how to cure it....

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    I would try not to worry about what the clairvoyant said. Destiny and fate is bigger than any clairvoyant, whether genuine or not, and will take care of itself.
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    well, i think that sometimes people can have insight that skips ahead a bit in time, but i don't really believe that one person can have that kind of ability to such an extent that they can pinpoint the future for many individuals on a regular basis...

    i think that if you really do not want these things to happen, then you can consciously act in ways that counteract whatever patterns the clairvoyant may have interpreted. i tend to think your subconscious would only betray you into acting in ways that would make your fears happen if you actually wanted them to come about. even if the clairvoyant had access to a different point in spacetime, she was accessing it at the present - before any changes in your behavior had taken place. if you create a different ripple in spacetime, so to speak, then the future will inevitably be changed.

    in other words, i think you can be more intentionally attentive that these things don't happen, which could be beneficial overall if these are very bad things, and i don't think there's a reason to be afraid - just aware. i think that self-fulfilling processes tend to be a sort of loop, and if you stay aware of your behavior and how it's affecting the greater picture, you are much less likely to get caught in such a loop.

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