Okay, so my sister originally tested as an INTJ but I'm not sure she is. I recently made her do the test again and she scored as an ISTJ. I don't think that she is an ISTJ though. She expressed to me that she really wants to type as an INTJ and I believe that's causing her to answer the questions somewhat dishonestly. Heh, she's even gone so far as to say that I'm the one who isn't the INTJ!

She has also tested multiple times as an: Enneagram Type 9; So/Sx/Sp; RCoAI.

If I am not incorrect, type 9's are most often FP or F types and I'm not even sure what the significance of her So/Sx/Sp stacking is because it's the complete reverse of my own. I will say this though, she is the pinnacle of calmness - that is, until she can't hold up anymore... The results are usually painful... Physically... *teartear* Punishment for my sadism, I suppose.

What do you guys think? INFJ? INFP? IxFx?