Mom - ESFX (shows a lot of Fe, but otherwise has the type structure and functions of an ESFP
Dad - INTP (slight possibility of INTJ)

Younger brother1 - EXTP (he is currently going through his teen rebellion phase and is stuck in one very ugly tertiary loop. I think ENTP because he acts in many ways the same as me, but is a lot more flamboyant about it and needs a lot of external stimulation. I'm currently leaning more toward ESTP because he is a big time thrill seeker, which makes me think either dom Se.)
Younger brother2 - ISTP (has Fe temper tantrums, not nearly as many as when he was little, but this was what made me think he was IXTP, also, he's really into)
Younger sister - ESFJ (she typed herself as this, and though she's very shy, I agree with her because she always needs to be playing with some friend or another and always calls me immature because she thinks playing on the computer isn't what you're "supposed" to do. she displays other SJ and Fe tendencies as well)
Older sister - ENTP (probably, shows a lot of Ti reasoning when interacting with my mother, and is very extraverted)
other older sister - XXTX (I haven't really given her much thought since I haven't seen her since before I knew about MBTI)

Maternal Grandma - ISFJ (this is a lot from what my mom has told me about when she was growing up)
Maternal Grandpa - ISTP (I'm not as sure on him since he's starting to suffer from a great deal of dementia, but from what my mom says he sounds a lot like little bro 2, who is very ISTP)

Paternal grandparents - no idea

yay infodump!