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    Default Do you find this to be true for yourself?

    I am reading Personality Type: An Owner's Manual. In it Thomson writes,
    One of the reasons for learning about type is to recognize that we are constantly motivated, simply by the way we've established our neural networks to shape reality along a particular functional lines. Another is to recognize the possibilities for growth and change that exist within- and apart from the framework we have created for ourselves. Even small changes in our usual way of doing things can make big differences in the way our brain is operating. We develop the ability to think in new ways, and this stimulates creative change in all areas of our lives.
    I recently said something very similar to my husband, and then when I read this it confirmed how I feel. A couple months ago I made changes in one area of my life, and since then it feels like it has spread to all areas of my life. I feel like I'm seeing the world in a very different way. Anyone else experience this?

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    I have had catalytic moments, and usually it was just a germ of an idea... or a different way to view something than I had been.

    For example, at some point I realized that instead of trying to earn my place in a community and look for evidence to prove I was part of it, I should just assume I already have a place and act as if I have a place within the group. It radically changed how I approached interacting and engaging others within a group of people. I still flip-flop back and forth (i.e., I sometimes forget the lesson), but one small idea really can shift the rest.
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    Yeah, reframing is a very powerful technique if you use it correctly.
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    I think this is called learning. I'm not only guilty of doing it to myself, I'm guilty of trying to force it on others. That's called teaching.
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    The introspection required for recognizing for growth & change within is such a big part of my general thinking that I find I struggle most with implementation. Being a very idealistic person and very aware of myself, how I feel, & my flaws, it's easy for me to see a result, to know what I need/want, and to determine where I am lacking that is holding me back. And I'm talking about mental results - attitude, demeanor & thought pattern changes. It's coming up with the steps, the detailed game plan that is hard for me (Example: HOW do I develop a more positive outlook? HOW do I get over certain social anxieties?). That may be because implementation tends to deal more in real-word terms: practicality and being realistic. I can say I have made baby steps there, but my head will always be 100 miles ahead of what I'm actually implementing.
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    There was a point where a lot of things clicked and I could see how I was focusing my attention. Where I'd fall down and why that was. Where I did well and why that was. Where I needed to move in order to get the most out of myself. I think my ability to look at myself has improved a lot over the years I have learnt various models, it is more refined.

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    Quote Originally Posted by angelhair45 View Post
    A couple months ago I made changes in one area of my life, and since then it feels like it has spread to all areas of my life. I feel like I'm seeing the world in a very different way. Anyone else experience this?

    Around a year ago I was forced to develop "feelings."

    I had no idea that I had been essentially devoid of them for most of my adult life, that I was running on logic, probability, and real-time analytical guesstimation.

    BUT - there came a time when that skill set failed me badly, and I had to develop what was not there, and it was quite horrible acutally, but now that it is done, I realize that I am better and stronger because of it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Halla74 View Post
    Describe a recent emotional experience and what it felt like.
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