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    I generally like reds, blacks, and purples the most.

    Shades of red I like are burgundy, wine, maroon, ruby, and crimson. I like any shade of black, whether it's a more cooler tone like ivory black or a warmer tone like mars black. In purples, I like royal purple, plum, tyrian, and eggplant. Magenta is another favorite and is the only pink I can stand in larger scales.

    Colors I can only take in small doses are pinks, yellows, oranges, and pastels. But the one I can't stomach is neon yellow. *gags*
    “They wander in darkness seeking light, failing to realize that the light is in the heart of the darkness” ― Manly P. Hall

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    Quote Originally Posted by Legion View Post
    Black, black, black, and dark blue.
    Well, black is the darkest blue or so my last art teacher used to say.
    Break through the shackles of the mind... unless you like it that way, who am I to judge?



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    "And then, raising my lids slowly and looking out from underneath my lashes, i captured him with my eyes"

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