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    Quote Originally Posted by 21% View Post
    Everyone, please, please, please take care of yourself when you're depressed. For people who love you, it hurts so much to see you go through so much pain, especially when you refuse to be cheered up and there's nothing anyone can do for you until you come out of it.

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    Fixed yer post.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arthur Schopenhauer View Post
    I can't imagine myself behaving like an ESFP. Hellz no.
    You won´t act like an ESFP; the theory of shadow functions says you get your functions in order but opposite energy.


    You will start act like an ENTP - like the fight club character Tyler Durden. You should embrace your shadow traits, it makes you evil enough for world domination.
    As for an ENFP I start acting like a miserable INFJ and that ain´t a pretty sight - a pity egoistic INFJ that usually see the world full of wonders we start to see the world full of shit and thanks to Ni shadow function we can really imagine deep shit aswell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arthur Schopenhauer View Post
    So, how does each type handle depression and/or what is most likely to cause each type to become depressed? Also, what does each type look like when depressed, ie, apparently, INTJ's are prone to becoming violent drinkers; I suppose, a better way to say this would be: how does each type behave when they are depressed?
    I'm not certain with my type, but I was hospitalized for depression and anxiety, and have spent months and months in recovery. Before hand, when I was at my worst and didn't realize it, I tested as INTx, and after I got out of hospitalization, I tested as INFP.

    Most of my depression (and anxiety), was caused by unhealthy thinking patterns since I was a child. I felt like I had to be the best at everything, that failure was in no way an option. I was made fun of, didn't develop close friends, felt my parents were unattached and didn't care about my feelings. I bottled things up, which caused traumatic breakdowns. I had such low self-esteem and self-worth I would put on a narcisstic facade, that I was better than everyone else. I was hyper-critical of myself and others, and a control freak.

    I ended up crying a lot, or just staring at the wall in depressed despair. I was always tired, I wouldn't eat. As I slowly started getting better, I would be trigged by the future, because I had no idea how I could be happy, how I would be happy, what I would be doing. I feared not having friends or family, being alone and unhappy for the rest of my life. My mind would spiral, causing panic attacks. I eventually just crashed, I couldn't stop crying and I was suicidal and I had to hospitalized. I acted very, very drastically - I fell, and I fell hard. The thing is, no one knew how bad I really was because I tried so hard to hide it from everyone, hide it from myself even because I didn't want to admit it.
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    They lose an X, and transition into type XXX, also know as hardcore porn.

    Seriously though, although I've only been depressed once in my life, the one time I was I felt like my head was full of fog all the time and like nothing was worth doing, all I wanted to do was sleep, I didn't cry or anything like that, it was beyond that, like I didn't even have the energy to cry. I felt like I was in a bottomless pit, when I finally clawed my way out of it, I decided I was never going back and I never have.

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    When I'm depressed, I tend to physically, mentally, and emotionally isolate myself from other people. Sometimes if I'm upset enough, I will say things to others that I don't mean to say before walking off (and then regret it later on, which in turn pulls me down into an even greater state of depression than before).

    I really don't know how to describe what it feels like, except for this: my depression is a bottomless ocean, and the further I fall, the more difficult it will be for me to swim back up to the surface on my own. If I don't swim upwards quickly enough, I'll drown.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nijntje View Post
    "And then, raising my lids slowly and looking out from underneath my lashes, i captured him with my eyes"

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    Hm... Looks like I posted in here before I really experienced depression.

    My longest depressed period coincided with 1) being doorslammed by a friend, 2) bad grades, and 3) unforgiving family. It piled up until I felt everything that I'd usually used as a mental support -- especially familial support and the belief that "I can get things done because I always get them done" -- started to collapse. My internal standards turned against me and ate away at me for several months. Even now, whenever I'm depressed, it usually has something to do with failure to meet my own standards, or unfairly blaming myself for something I had no control over. Or, alternately, punishing myself disproportionately for things I did wrong.

    I don't get irritable when depressed. I become very quiet and withdrawn -- mild and "sweet" and non-confrontational. If people notice that difference, they don't tell me.
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    It's extremely rare that I feel genuinely depressed as opposed to just stressed or sad, but the effects are similar to being sad- I just don't expect to be not sad anymore in the near future. I was withdrawn, cynical, feeling like nothing matters or is really worth doing, quiet, less interested in food, focused on negative thoughts, and tired. I don't know if this is type related though, as these are similar to symptoms of clinical depression; mine wasn't as it only lasted short periods of time. A medication caused me to feel this way for a few hours a day after taking it, and along with some of those things I felt like crying for no reason and just curled up in a ball on my friend's couch.

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    Different familial relationships have been huge triggers for depression (which I'm neurochemically predisposed to and which runs in my family) that first set me off when I was 13 or 14. When my young sister was beginning to grow up around that time, it was extremely difficult on me. My older sister had a two or three year period of suicidal depression (starting when I was 14 and ending when I was 16 and she went off to college last summer) and extraordinarily strained relationships with my parents, which was utterly traumatic and unbearable for me, triggered some chemicals and sent me into a massive depressive tailspin last spring that I'm coming out of now.

    When I am depressed, I can't eat, can't sleep (then can't sleep enough), can't talk to anyone, can't go anywhere or do much of anything.
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    I have depression and it comes and goes in severity depending on what's going on in my life.

    Basically, I mope. I lose the ability to self-motivate and can only do the most basic of basic things. I sleep a lot, I don't want to think, or expend any sort of energy at all. I don't want to eat. I mope a lot, and just want things to get better. When it goes for a long time, I lose the ability to give a fuck about, well, anything really. I just don't care, everything seems meaningless and pointless. I become really unenjoyable to be around, and as a consequence I self isolate. My feelings and empathy sort of shrivvle away. I also just feel icky around other people when I am upset so I keep to myself and don't go out.

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    My causes have varied. When I was younger (10-12 or so) I'd recently moved from my hometown and was slow to rebuild social connections. Left to my thoughts I was overcome by the inherent meaninglessness of existence and the magnitude of avoidable suffering in the world. During these summers I often slept late into the afternoon without feeling rested and seriously strained my relationship with my family. When I was 14 I fell for a girl who painted in colors I'd never seen before, but, as it turned out, did so for everyone. Since 16 or so my lapsing into nihilism has been followed by some form of hedonistic downward spiral.

    Every depression I retreated into my head and focused most of my energy on expressive, creative writing. My social connections atrophied and my grades slipped. I usually stopped exercising and ate less. If I wasn't allowed enough time to myself I became very irritable.
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