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    now i have seen everything typological mental-masturbation porn has to offer.

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    Lol the god in the Bible is ENFP.

    1) He had no grand plan, just invented the universe as he went along based on the ideas he had in the moment, and his creativity was directed to the external world - Ne.

    2) He then starts getting pissed off because the world isn't as beautiful and perfect as he wanted it to be, especially the peole, who hurt each other all the time. But the people don't really know this is "bad" in the beginning because he kept his feelings to himself - Fi.

    3) Then he just flips. People have gone too far, so he basically gives them a long list of rules about how to not be an arsehole and how to live up to his own lofty ethical standards (which are perfect and not up for debate) - Te below Fi.

    4) People inevitable fail to live up to these standards, so he tells them to "Be fruitful and multiply" (basically just told us to go fuck ourselves) and went away.

    In short, an unbalanced ENFP sounds pretty good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aleksei View Post
    No I kind of agree, I said God would have been more likely to be an extrovert because he got bored of being alone, not that that necessarily made him one. Further, note that not only did he made himself friends (humanity and his cadre of angels), but he constantly reached out to said friends, despite not really needing to (INTJs tend to only talk to other people when they want something). He, for example, didn't really need to say "sup" to Moses in the burning bush. He did it anyway -- probably out of boredom since he'd let his supposed "chosen people" be fucked over by Philistines, the Amalekites, the Egyptians, the Babylonians, and the Persians (showing that he did not give a shit about them).

    Now, I would buy God being some INxx if he exists today, because we have seen no sign of him. Biblical God was a definite extrovert however.
    He isn't an extravert because he likes company lol. He's an extravert because he CREATED THE ENTIRE EXTERNAL UNIVERSE. What's more Extraverted than that??

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    In my opinion, if there is a God independent of ourselves, this God would transcend the MBTI.

    Introversion Vs. Extraversion - God can be both, neither, and/or beyond.

    Sensing Vs. Intuition - God can be both, neither, and/or beyond.

    Thinking Vs. Feeling - God can be both, neither, and/or beyond.

    Judgment Vs. Perception - God can be both, neither, and/or beyond.

    Hence, I see God more as "XXXX" not "INTJ."

    How does ambiversion fit into all of this regarding the MBTI?

    Only the label of "Omniscience" can be attributed to God. Not even the INTJ or any other type can be given this label.

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    I see him as an NF.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonnyboy View Post
    Why would God be an "N"? What use is intuition if a being knows everything there is to know? All of the connections have been made... all the great discoveries that have ever, will ever, and could ever be, exist in your mind and can all be thought of simultaneously. In fact, such a being wouldn't need to think as much as simply remember what he already knows... clearly an Si dom.
    Obviously all the connections hadn't been made, since he sent a flood and multiple times rained down fire and brimstone to clean up his mistakes. If he had known, then he wouldn't have made those mistakes. It's clearly stated. God is human. God also has an anger problem, and made rules that were too suffocating. But obviously whatever God is has been bastardized in the bible by human misunderstanding and by the blatant self-serving agenda of those that wrote the text and of those that chose what to include in what we have now. Still, I can't argue against the usefulness of that information, seeing as after thousands of years, shit is still the same.

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