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    I've gotten nearly every type but my own so far on there by now... I'm starting to think that the program suspects that ESTPs are illiterate or something

    I will DESTROY it!

    bwa ha ha ha ha ha..........
    “The phrase 'Someone ought to do something' was not, by itself, a helpful one. People who used it never added the rider 'and that someone is me'.” - Terry Pratchett

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    The first writing sample was serious businesses writing of mine advocating several specific choices and criticizing an adversaries positions.
    1. iNtuition (95.4 %)
    2. Sensing (4.6 %)
    1. Thinking (99.5 %)
    2. Feeling (0.5 %)
    1. Introversion (97.7 %)
    2. Extraversion (2.3 %)
    1. Judging (67.4 %)
    2. Perceiving (32.6 %)

    ESFP. Wow! with very close to nearly the opposite score for a light hearted cliché riddled short story/word play. See short story below.
    1. Sensing (93.3 %)
    2. iNtuition (6.7 %)
    1. Feeling (99.8 %)
    2. Thinking (0.2 %)
    1. Extraversion (94.6 %)
    2. Introversion (5.4 %)
    1. Perceiving (67.0 %)
    2. Judging (33.0 %)

    Here is the word play/short story example I used.

    I’m glad to hear that Mr. Bones is in good hands. You see, I used to know Mr. Bones when he was at the end of his rope. It was right after he bought the farm and started pushing up daises. Back then the women used to complement that he was so light on his feet, it was as if he danced on air. One day I got a telephone call from him after my secretary told me for whom the bell tolls. Mr. Bones asked if I would join him goin' to a dance pawty wit' Gawd! I agreed after he reassured me there would be special accommodations for the immortally challenged.

    We decided to casket-pool and meet at the funeral parlor next to the journey's end bar & crematorium. When I saw him he was thin and pale and out of breath. He was nervous and advised me for his New Year resolution he kicked the oxygen habit.
    He rambled during the never-ending trip but the mortal of the story was lost in translation. At the party we met the Grim Reaper, the angels and even the celebrated hip hop artists The Notorious D.O.A and Too Shot Shakur but sadly we didn’t meet our maker who had just took a powder.

    The chief for the Kennedys was serving fillet of sole, street pizza, salmonella turkey and other worm foods. Mr. Bones donated the liver paté. The party was calm at first and then suddenly the crowd really started rising from the dead.
    The last thing I remember was that someone spiked the formaldehyde with punch. I was later told I got real whacked and had to take a dirt nap in the basement six feet under. The next morning I felt a cold arm across my face and to my chagrin I awoke with the sleeping partner of life.

    I snuck out of bed and took a long walk down the short pier to only to find Mr. Bones was taking an earth bath. He was smoking a coffin nail and still toasted out of his skull. I turned my head and tossed Mr. Bones his Columbian necktie, cement overshoes and matching concrete galoshes we then drove off into that gentle good night. I got kinda spooked but I always dug Mr. Bones and we nearly died laughing on the drive off the cliff home.
    I redact everything I have written or will write on this forum prior to, subsequent with and or after the fact of its writing. For entertainment purposes only and not to be taken seriously nor literally.

    Quote Originally Posted by Edgar View Post
    Spamtar - a strange combination of boorish drunkeness and erudite discussions, or what I call "an Irish academic"

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    Neat - it got the right type
    1. Introversion (77.9 %)
    2. Extraversion (22.1 %)
    1. iNtuition (78.4 %)
    2. Sensing (21.6 %)
    1. Thinking (93.3 %)
    2. Feeling (6.7 %)
    1. Perceiving (93.4 %)
    2. Judging (6.6 %)
    But I've never been so P in my life - and that based on an excerpt from an e-mail discussion in which I took the decidedly "J" position.
    hoarding time and space
    A single event can awaken within us a stranger totally unknown to us. To live is to be slowly born.
    — Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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    Text: "I like your ass, bitch"
    1. Sensing (81.2 %)
    2. iNtuition (18.8 %)

    Text: "Where are you motherfucker?"
    1. Feeling (85.7 %)
    2. Thinking (14.3 %)

    Text: "Bitch! Are you ready for a powerfull night of love?"
    1. Introversion (87.5 %)
    2. Extraversion (12.5 %)

    Text:"Raaaaahrg!! I'm hungry!"
    1. Judging (100.0 %)
    2. Perceiving (0.0 %)

    Final result: ISFJ

    They are supposed to be polite.
    EsTP 6w7 Sx/Sp

    Chaotic Neutral

    E=60% S=55% T=70% P=80%

    "I don't believe in guilt, I only believe in living on impulses"

    "Stereotypes about personality and gender turn out to be fairly accurate: ... On the binary Myers-Briggs measure, the thinking-feeling breakdown is about 30/70 for women versus 60/40 for men." ~ Bryan Caplan

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    For an essay, i got INTP

    1. Introversion (88.6 %)
    2. Extraversion (11.4 %)

    1. iNtuition (85.2 %)
    2. Sensing (14.8 %)

    1. Thinking (66.7 %)
    2. Feeling (33.3 %)

    1. Perceiving (55.5 %)
    2. Judging (44.5 %)

    for a poem, INFP

    1. Introversion (94.2 %)
    2. Extraversion (5.8 %)

    1. iNtuition (79.1 %)
    2. Sensing (20.9 %)

    1. Feeling (95.5 %)
    2. Thinking (4.5 %)

    1. Perceiving (76.8 %)
    2. Judging (23.2 %)

    "Your soul is like a wretched twisted up old shopping bag stuck in a tree."
    Extraversion (96.8 %)
    iNtuition (85.7 %)
    Feeling (99.8 %)
    Perceiving (99.7 %)

    "I ate my eraser and it tasted like old bubblegum."
    Extraversion (100.0 %)
    Sensing (100.0 %)
    Feeling (100.0 %)
    Perceiving (98.8 %)

    "We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.."
    -Oscar Wilde

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    ILE Ti


    First text:

    "The horses ran past the grocery store and stopped. They neighed quietly. The riders looked around and saw a police squad on foot behind them, guns trained on them. They kicked hard at the horses, while drawing their own guns, and a shootout commenced. When the smoke and dust cleared, all the lawmen were down, along with two of the horses. The cowboys were still alive."

    Clearly an STP-oriented text (though I came up with it with mental rather than visual cues, so it was actually Ne). The result? ESFP.

    Second text:

    "Isn't it funny that if the woodchuck chucked wood in the TARDIS, the Doctor would likely not notice?"

    Now this is obviously Ne-dom on crack. The result? ESFJ.

    Third sentence:

    "My god, necrophilia with space aliens is horrendous!"

    Ne Fi sentence. This one it got right: ENFP.

    So, 1 out of 3. Overall a rather shitty test.

    Teacher (Idyllic), ESE-IEI (Si-ESFj), SLue|I|, Sanguine-Melancholy
    Sage, True Neutral (Chaotic Good), Type III Anti-Hero
    Inventive > Artistic > Leisurely > Dramatic
    7w6 > 4w3 > 9w8, weakside sp/so

    Dark Worker (Sacrificing)
    Freewheeling Designer

    Hayekian Asshole

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    This test is shit. It just classifed this as 98% Sensor style

    "And there was an intelligence in her laughter that was like red and gold autumn leaves in the wintering park of my inner landscape. It went well with the bare trees, the emptiness inside us both that we, homeopathically, met and soothed in each other. And by the end of a year we were speaking to each other solely in French, so I gained all different skills through the experience."

    And this as 87% Feeling

    "Empathic people creep me out, actually. They make me feel like I’m being mentally raped all the time, like they’re extracting information from me that I wouldn’t volunteer to give, violating my emotional privacy and twisting the information they get into their own interpretations of who I am and what I’m about. They seldom give my feelings the same value that I do, which is to say, not much. And it’s not nice to feel like a person knows lots of stuff about you that you don’t really know yourself."

    According to it, taking several different samples from my autobiography, I write like an ISFP.

    I'm male and over 30, FYI.
    Preferences: 20% Extravert, 98% Intuitive, 68% Thinker, 17% Perceiving

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    that makes as much sense as my INFP-ness
    “The phrase 'Someone ought to do something' was not, by itself, a helpful one. People who used it never added the rider 'and that someone is me'.” - Terry Pratchett

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    I'm too sexy for my shirt.
    1. Sensing (92.6 %)
    2. iNtuition (7.4 %)

    I like big butts and I cannot lie.
    1. Feeling (70.6 %)
    2. Thinking (29.4 %)

    Don't hit me, I'll hit me.
    1. Extraversion (99.9 %)
    2. Introversion (0.1 %)

    Let's do it like they do on the discovery channel.
    1. Judging (99.2 %)
    2. Perceiving (0.8 %)

    Who knew ESFJ's were so crazy.
    Quote Originally Posted by MacGuffin View Post
    ayoitsStepho is becoming someone else. Actually her true self, a rite of passage.

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    Now I tried it with more forum posts:

    And essays that I wrote about the four Hogwarts houses about six years ago perhaps xDD

    Slytherin essay: INTP
    Ravenclaw essay: INTx
    Hufflepuff essay: INxx
    Gryffindor essay: INTx

    Ok, I seem to tend towards INTP-ish writing... at least in this sample.

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