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    Integrity Academic: The style I use when writing an academic paper such as a critical or research paper. I imagine this is also the style of writing I would use in the workplace. This is what I am most comfortable writing, as I don't feel the need to fake anything or pretend to be somebody I'm not.

    Introversion (89.8%) over Extroversion (10.2%)
    Intuition (95.4%) over Sensing (4.6%)
    Thinking (90%) over Feeling (10%)
    Judging (75%) over Perceiving (25%)

    Personal Academic: The other type of paper I write for academic work. This is for when the teacher wants to know how that story made you 'feel' or about 'your favorite birthday.' Basically, they want some sort of touchy-feely stuff that doesn't come naturally at all, so I usually have to make up an appropriate emotional sentiment in order to avoid a trip to the counseling office.

    Introversion (71.36%) over Extroversion (28.64%)
    Intuition (61.36%) over Sensing (38.64%)
    Feeling (55.7%) over Thinking (44.3%)
    Perceiving (80.66%) over Judging (19.34%)

    Personal Correspondence: This is me writing to an extremely close family member or friend. There are only a few. These are the people I not only don't have to fake anything for, but also the ones I genuinely care for. I usually take some precautions to keep it lighthearted and relatively cheerful, though, so I don't cause them any undue concern. Basically, if ever I wanted to prove I wasn't one of these --, this is the style of writing I would put on display.

    Extroversion (82.97%) over Introversion(17.03%)
    Intuition (78.4%) over Sensing (21.6%)
    Feeling (76.26%) over Thinking (23.74%)
    Judging (51.53%) over Perceiving (48.47%)

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    Used one of my blog posts: INFJ

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    First shot at it just randomly typing what was going on in my head.... Which I thought would reflect me personally as a whole, and I gotta say it's spot on.

    1. Sensing (88.2 %)
    2. iNtuition (11.8 %)

    1. Feeling (93.4 %)
    2. Thinking (6.6 %)

    1. Introversion (59.7 %)
    2. Extraversion (40.3 %)

    1. Perceiving (75.5 %)
    2. Judging (24.5 %)

    When using an actual research paper from an ethics class, subject matter is one that I'm passionate about... This is what I ended up with.
    1. iNtuition (79.6 %)
    2. Sensing (20.4 %)

    1. Thinking (99.8 %)
    2. Feeling (0.2 %)

    1. Introversion (94.4 %)
    2. Extraversion (5.6 %)

    1. Judging (70.6 %)
    2. Perceiving (29.4 %)

    I went from an ISFP to an INTJ.

    Hmm.... Using an entry in my blog...
    1. Sensing (91.6 %)
    2. iNtuition (8.4 %)

    1. Feeling (94.1 %)
    2. Thinking (5.9 %)

    1. Extraversion (77.4 %)
    2. Introversion (22.6 %)

    1. Judging (90.0 %)
    2. Perceiving (10.0 %)

    Weird. ESFJ.

    Apparently, I'm just all over the place with my writing.

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    1. Sensing (50.4 %)
    2. iNtuition (49.6 %)

    1. Thinking (59.5 %)
    2. Feeling (40.5 %)

    1. Extraversion (60.3 %)
    2. Introversion (39.7 %)

    1. Judging (57.8 %)
    2. Perceiving (42.2 %)
    1w2-6w5-3w2 so/sp

    "I took one those personality tests. It came back negative." - Dan Mintz

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    I'm not Trunks
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    I don't believe in test, all I know my writing style is neat and tidy. It goes like this when I take the notes:


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    I write what I want when I want to.
    I say what I want when I want to.
    I do what I feel needs to be done when I become aware of its necessity.
    Type Stats:
    MBTI -> (E) 77.14% | (i) 22.86% ; (S) 60% | (n) 40% ; (T) 72.22% | (f) 27.78% ; (P) 51.43% | (j) 48.57%
    BIG 5 -> Extroversion 77% ; Accommodation 60% ; Orderliness 62% ; Emotional Stability 64% ; Open Mindedness 74%

    "If somebody asks your MBTI type on a first date, run". -Donna Cecilia
    "Enneagram is psychological underpinnings. Cognitive Functions are mental reasoning and perceptional processes. -Sanjuro

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    Introversion (89.0 %)
    Extraversion (11.0 %)

    iNtuition (90.8 %)
    Sensing (9.2 %)

    Thinking (79.6 %)
    Feeling (20.4 %)

    Judging (57.4 %)
    Perceiving (42.6 %)

    I tested as INTJ initially too. But definitely more of an INTP

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    1. Sensing (53.5 %)
    2. iNtuition (46.5 %)

    1. Feeling (97.6 %)
    2. Thinking (2.4 %)

    1. Introversion (83.8 %)
    2. Extraversion (16.2 %)

    1. Perceiving (53.8 %)
    2. Judging (46.2 %)

    ISFP. Cool stuff!

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    This writing analysis is retarted because it keeps typing me INTP just because I am ISTP in a TiNi loop.

    Text I used:

    The Life Themes of Star Wars
    A collection of movies that I have related to all my life would be the Star Wars saga invented by George Lucas, a collection of six movies taking place in a futuristic space age. The main character is a Jedi Knight named Anakin Skywalker who later falls to the dark side and becomes the infamous Sith Lord Darth Vader. Darth Vader in the final movie, however, is brought back to the light side of the Force by the efforts of his son, Luke Skywalker, when he saves Luke’s life. The evil Sith Emperor was using his deadly powers of lightning on Luke when Vader destroys him by throwing him down a giant shaft leading to the reactor core aboard the second Death Star. When the Emperor explodes in a huge burst of energy, the prophecy of Anakin being the Chosen One is fulfilled, and the Force is brought into balance. Both Luke and Anakin Skywalker play the role of the hero, though Luke is more the ideal hero and Anakin is more of a flawed or tragic hero.
    Star Wars is a fantastic vision of the future that could one day be wrought into realization by the science and technology of our human race. In the Star Wars universe, there is a diverse array of alien worlds with alien species all throughout the galaxy. Similarly, in our Universe there must exist life under all conditions and phases of development. There is also the existence of an all powerful Force in Star Wars that binds the universe together and obeys the commands of those who wield this great power. Perhaps in our Universe there also exists such a power such as God from whom we derive the gift of mental power.
    In Star Wars there is also the eternal conflict between good and evil, the Jedi and the Sith, the servants of the light and dark sides of the Force, just as in our world where we continually wrestle with ethical questions such as the nature of justice. In Star Wars, Anakin’s master, Obiwan Kenobi, could have killed him in a duel on the fiery and hellish lava planet of Mustafar after he made his horrid transition into Darth Vader; however, Obiwan spared his life despite how he may have deserved to die. Anakin in the process is incinerated alive and his body is almost completely destroyed as he only barely survives this brutal catastrophe, which showed metaphorically his burning rage and his now destructive nature. Even so, he later goes on to save the galaxy when he destroys the Emperor and is redeemed. Ultimately, Obiwan’s mercy altered the fortunes of all since if he killed Vader the Emperor may have never been destroyed.
    Another theme in Star Wars is the importance of the little people, as it is largely due to the efforts of the Ewoks that the Rebel Alliance emerges triumphantly from their climactic battle against the evil empire. The Emperor’s narcissism proved to be his weakness. The arrogance we have in our actions blinds us to the true nature of things just as it blinded him from the possibility of his own downfall. It is due to the Emperor’s cunning that Anakin was seduced to the dark side and became Darth Vader. One of the tools he used to do so was a story called the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise, a Sith Lord so powerful he could create life by the will of the Force, a power Anakin sought to save his wife from dying as he had foreseen in a vision. The only thing Plagueis had to fear was losing his power, which came to pass as his apprentice, the yet-to-be Emperor, killed him in his sleep. A similar fate befalls the Emperor when Vader unexpectedly turns on him to save Luke.
    Star Wars also teaches us that our passions such as love can become attachments that chain us and control our actions. It was because of Anakin’s inability to let go of his attachments that he fell to the dark side and in the end lost his loved one due to what he did to prevent it from happening. He committed his deadly assault on the Jedi Temple and the murder of countless Jedi lives all in the service of his new Sith Master, who tricked him into thinking he had the power to save the one he loved.
    Perhaps the greatest lesson of all that Star Wars teaches us is faith. It is because of Yoda’s faith in the power of the Force that he is able to lift Luke’s ship out of the swamp. Luke was unable to do so himself since he did not believe that it was possible. The ship is an allegorical representation of Luke’s freedom, as it allows him to fly about without restrictions all throughout the farthest reaches of the galaxy. At the heart of the conflicts in Star Wars is the clash between the light and dark sides of the Force. On the light side there is always a choice as, for example, when Obiwan tells Luke that he must do what he feels is right. In contrast, on the dark side there is no choice as, for example, when Darth Vader says that he must obey his master. This theme ties in quite well with Luke’s ship and its allegorical representation of freedom, as his lack of faith which kept the ship imprisoned within the water was a dark side trait whereas Yoda’s faith that he could liberate the ship from its imprisonment in the water was a light side trait. It is by our faith that we find the light of freedom.
    I relate to the Star Wars saga because it has enduring themes to last the ages. All throughout my life it has been the perfect fictional allegory for me to depict the infinite mystery that is the Universe. Perhaps one day eons into the future, generations spread across the farthest reaches of the Universe will look back to this very time period as the historic Star Wars transition from being a terrestrial species to obtaining ultimate intergalactic power over creation.


    1. iNtuition (95.0 %)
    2. Sensing (5.0 %)

    1. Thinking (87.7 %)
    2. Feeling (12.3 %)

    1. Introversion (75.0 %)
    2. Extraversion (25.0 %)

    1. Perceiving (77.0 %)
    2. Judging (23.0 %)

    So apparantly this test thinks I am INTP.

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    7w8 sx/so


    1. Extraversion (84.0 %)
    2. Introversion (16.0 %)

    1. Sensing (84.5 %)
    2. iNtuition (15.5 %)

    1. Feeling (91.2 %)
    2. Thinking (8.8 %)

    1. Perceiving (63.9 %)
    2. Judging (36.1 %)

    ^My short story.

    1. Extraversion (86.9 %)
    2. Introversion (13.1 %)

    1. Sensing (83.6 %)
    2. iNtuition (16.4 %)

    1. Feeling (80.5 %)
    2. Thinking (19.5 %)

    1. Perceiving (67.3 %)
    2. Judging (32.7 %)

    ^My screen play.

    Both my short story and my screen play are comedies based on Futurama.

    1. Extraversion (79.6 %)
    2. Introversion (20.4 %)

    1. Sensing (64.7 %)
    2. iNtuition (35.3 %)

    1. Feeling (100.0 %)
    2. Thinking (0.0 %)

    1. Judging (69.6 %)
    2. Perceiving (30.4 %)

    ^ Some lyrics of mine.

    Me and my creative expressions.

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