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    I used part of my final assignment from religious studies. Got INTP

    1. iNtuition (94.2 %)
    2. Sensing (5.8 %)

    1. Thinking (93.6 %)
    2. Feeling (6.4 %)

    1. Introversion (95.6 %)
    2. Extraversion (4.4 %

    1. Perceiving (60.0 %)
    2. Judging (40.0 %)

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    I scored ENTJ on this.

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    Ok, I did this multiple times to make sure. 5 times out of 7 I got ISFJ....................... That is not a type I ever considered, I personally think I'm more of a P than a J, but ok then (my writing tends to be very well put together and organized without me trying to make it that way, could that have influenced the outcome?)

    The other two times I got INTP (which I definitely am not) and ISTJ (one I had considered, though I'm not a big fan of it, no offense intended).
    Everyone is perfect, in their imperfections.

    There is no such thing as normal, since everyone has something about them that others find strange.

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    Typed in a one paragraph essay:

    In "The Pit and the Pendulum", hope plays the role of a foil to despair. This is first demonstrated in the story at the narrator' trial (140). As though through a different lens, the hopeful and angelic image of the candles at the narrator's trial slides into a disgust and a purely prosaic view, this inversion of character displaying despair as more elementary than hope. Despair is a tool of even the imbecile, but hope requires a measure of acuteness to wield as more than a fleeting half-thought (150). Hope accompanies acuteness due to the imagination it takes to see a different future. Despair demands no such imagination, and in fact leaves it as frivolous supererogation. The most common thread that lies between these comparisons of hope and despair is a depiction of hope as more aristocratic than slovenly despair, making the moments where it slips through the dark dungeons of the Inquisition all the more noteworthy.

    iNtuition (93.9 %) (FAIL)
    Thinking (96.1 %) (Interesting....)
    Introversion (98.2 %) (good job...)
    Perceiving (84.2 %) (Wut)

    Then I did a questionare I filled out when I was doubting my enneagram type.

    iNtuition (51.1 %) (Better I guess... but still fail)
    Feeling (67.1 %)
    Introversion (93.9 %) (I really expected more extroversion...)
    Judging (60.7 %)

    INFJ? I share NO functions with INFJs!
    I don't see any invisible treasure chests.

    • MBTI? ISTJ
    • Enneagram? 6 with a strong 7 wing
    • Brony? Yes
    • Stereotypes?

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    I am too lazy to take the test, though based on the results I see, it is bogus.

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    I used a fairly lengthy rep I sent out a while ago, and it worked for me.

    1. Introversion (99.0 %)
    2. Extraversion (1.0 %)

    1. iNtuition (84.0 %)
    2. Sensing (16.0 %)

    1. Feeling (82.0 %)
    2. Thinking (18.0 %)

    1. Perceiving (58.2 %)
    2. Judging (41.8 %)

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    Not able to read the movements of her malevolent assailants like she would any man or beast of normal flesh, she finds herself unnaturally tense. Sharply staring at the dark trio, realizing there is but one course of action for her to take. With animalistic speed Kiana throws herself at the hooded men with the grace of a swan streaking through water. As the trio ensues toward her almost instantaniously, she grinds her teeth feverishly. All three figures move as one, drawing needle like blades engulfed in unholy smoke. Kiana sidesteps just short of crashing into the potruding tips, jumping her weight effortlessly to the side of the trio. Landing right next to the ensuers she instantly pierces her spear with one powerful thrust filled with all power she can muster through the flimsy husks of her assailants. The terrible shreaks of the dark trio engulf her own cry of battle. The husks are shriveling up, leaving nothing but a pile of ash and black rags.

    1. Sensing (52.2 %)
    2. iNtuition (47.8 %)

    1. Thinking (65.0 %)
    2. Feeling (35.0 %)

    1. Extraversion (73.9 %)
    2. Introversion (26.1 %)

    1. Judging (74.8 %)
    2. Perceiving (25.2 %)
    ~Self-depricating Megalomaniacal Superwolf

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    Essay on Charlotte Perkins Gilmore's "The Yellow Wallpaper:" INTP
    Poem about my husband: ISFJ
    Chem 1212 lab report: ISTP
    Blog post about political divisiveness: INTP

    I will say that although the test appears to be quite flawed, the essay and the blog post are probably the best representations of my personality, and the program correctly typed me based on those two pieces.

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    Text from my second type questionnaire:
    Introversion (93.7 %)
    iNtuition (72.4 %)
    Thinking (83.8 %)
    Judging (62.0 %) INTJ

    Document called Witches' Principles of Belief and Way of Life:
    Introversion (100.0 %)
    iNtuition (99.9 %)
    Thinking (99.8 %)
    Perceiving (86.0 %) INTP

    Blog entry talking about an experience I had:
    Introversion (53.2 %)
    Sensing (72.3 %)
    Feeling (89.6 %)
    Judging (64.1 %) ISFJ

    excerpts from a couple of random posts: about 60-40 T/F

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    Quote Originally Posted by Savage Idealist View Post
    That was fun

    1. iNtuition (99.4 %)
    2. Sensing (0.6 %)

    1. Thinking (81.8 %)
    2. Feeling (18.2 %)

    1. Introversion (98.1 %)
    2. Extraversion (1.9 %)

    1. Perceiving (73.3 %)
    2. Judging (26.7 %)

    So apparently I'm INTP

    I actually worte short little impromptu responses which I'll post here:

    And what is the purpose of this test? I seek to discover the method by which this test can measure my personality writing style, yet remain skeptical that it will yield any concrete or reliable evidence. Alas, let's take the leap of faith and see what we find.

    And what of the dichotomy concerning rational and emotion? Thought and feeling? Head and heart? Logic and empathy? Justice and mercy? Well I feel and think as though the division between the two ideas, as seemingly apparent of a physical phenomenon as it is, is in fact illusionary; we are not bound solely by one or the other. And yet it would seem that some people, although not all, are in fact completely one or the other. But such is the messy realm that we often refer to as reality; a sea of phantoms and ghosts, puzzling the way we perceive things and how we interpret them.

    If one hides while one dances, we often associate a clear difference between the two, as if both were but static things-in-themselves. However, the shift of appearance and being is of major concern; and those with a keen eye will see just that. For while today ones hides and one dances, the opposite may be true tomorrow; then where will the division between hiding and dancer be, when neither is eternal?

    My what a delightful little test; the enjoyment is matched only by it's amazing ability and function. I know exactly what I shall do as of now; I shall place multiple writings and works; comparing the data and seeking information concerning my being. And as an extra amount of fun, placing the writings of others in them to see how they are scored. I eagerly await such excitement!
    I quite enjoyed your impromptu responses!

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