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    Default What does your 'social network' tell you?

    Nicholas Christakis: The hidden influence of social networks | Video on

    It mentions in this video, that gregarious people will tend to have friends that know friends, their social network will have many connections between friends they know. The others do not have this trend.

    So, I was wondering if the same trend might show up here . now, do most of your friends know each other?

    Mine generally all seem to... it's incredible when you find out that someone you know from one side of the city just happens to know a friend you just made on the other side of the city

    note: I missed that it seemed as if he was describing trends inherant to introversion vs extraversion. He also mentioned that these properties are very much inherited.
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    My friends generally don't know each other until they meet at something I organize for them.
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    I have alienated myself from all close human contact... Filthy humans...

    As for my Facebook "friends", they all know each other, basically, as they are all members of this certain social group that is moderately interwoven. Oddly enough, I haven't met half of them and I consider most of them as less than acquaintances.

    An outsider looking in.
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    I've got a few circles of friends. My own circle at which I am part of the center, and circles where I act mostly as an acquaintance.
    I guess I am gregarious, in a way. Some of my less socially apt friends often comment upon how many people greet me all the times in stores, streets, clubs etc.
    I have no idea as to how I know all those people, but usually I know their name and their story, and they know mine, and sometimes we party or do things together.
    I think it's because somewhere along the road I stopped for a moment to listen to them, and they remember that.
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    There is not many friends, and they all were school friends, so they know each other.

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    All the cool people on typooC are on my friends list, all the drunks and divs are on my ignore list.
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    I've got some close friends at school but outside of schooltime I am a total loner and I don't like it.

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    Social networks are fascinating.

    It is only in 1997 that the mathematics of non-scalar networks was invented.

    Normally a mathematics is invented and a use found later, as much as 50 or 100 years later.

    But in this case a use for non-scalar networks was found 1,000 years before the mathematics was invented.

    For the Dominican Order discovered non-scalar networks a 1,000 years ago and used them very effectively to hunt and kill heretics.

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