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    Quote Originally Posted by simulatedworld View Post
    Shall we conduct a poll to see if people find you condescending too?

    Get some help, Sim.
    Have you typed the meat in your freezer, yet?
    Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.
    — Mark Twain
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    everyone just shut the fuck up, forever, please

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    Quote Originally Posted by goodgrief View Post
    At least you're not ENTP or ENFP, with Si right at the bottom and Se nowhere to be seen. That'd mean a lot of crashes.
    This ENTP hasn't crashed once yet (crossing fingers). And I do drive from time to time. And just to be clear... we do have a Se. Somewhere. Somehow. Like I've said earlier in this thread, to me driving is very hard, concentrated work... but I can do it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kingfisher View Post
    and red is supposed to have the strongest and most immediate physical response, the most visceral and emotional reaction.
    No, red light just carries the most far, especially in mist and rain.
    Got questions? Ask an ENTP!
    I'm female. I just can't draw women

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaguar View Post
    Get some help, Sim.
    Have you typed the meat in your freezer, yet?
    Well they labeled it for me at the factory, but apparently it's a new type I haven't heard of.

    What are USDAs like?
    If you could be anything you want, I bet you'd be disappointed--am I right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rainne View Post
    Curse those people who drive slower when it's raining!
    Personally, I get a little annoyed by the ones who crawl over speedbumps. I don't expect people to jump them or anything, but geez...

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