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    Quote Originally Posted by goodgrief View Post
    It's kinda like how Twilight is not really fantasy, but rather crap with a fantasy backdrop.
    Epic quote 4tw <3

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    ^ Twilight makes me want to internally bleed.

    First of all, it looks like you're an INTP, not INFP. As for this topic, I agree with the OP's thoughts. The same logic could probably be applied to each type's preference in books, and also movies.
    No, I'm INFP, if you're talking about the little graph in my signature, they tend to make F questions too mushy, my F and T scores have always been close though.

    Gabriel Garcia Marquez is INFJ? But he has a great variety of characters, they may just be repetitions of the same set of characters based on what traits he emphasized into several different 'categories' or 'distinct personalities'.

    Ernest Hemingway is ... ESTP? But he focuses on one main character at a time?

    It is not definitive and the distinctions above may be simplistic, but if you look deeper into the authors and their books, I don't doubt there are strong correlations between their types and their created characters, themes and styles.

    Actually, I was going to write a literary thing with personality theories about Haruki Murakami's books, if anyone else is a fan.

    I thought Murakami is INTP because his main male characters seem very INTX, obsessed with NF female characters and having rare and unique connections with them while lost in a SJ world. But overall, his themes and emotions expressed in his stories point to INFP. But, he is so calm and collected and cool, like NTs.

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    T and J fit me better than F and P in this case.

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    Nah, from that description, I write more like an INTJ. One of my teachers said my writing was "cerebral" My writing is Ni+Ti free for all with a smidgen of Fe.

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    I'm an INFP, then. Or an ISTJ. You know, either or.
    -Carefully taking sips from the Fire Hose of Knowledge

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    So I write like an ENFP or INFP then. Depends on my mood.
    eNFP 9w8 sx/sp

    ~Don't ignore the truth, it will set you free.

    ~10% of life is what happens to you, 90% of life is how you deal with it.

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    Apparently I write like an INxJ then. I write from the first person perspective, internal thoughts and some epic underlying message with the story, focus on both plot and romance, written in some fantasy context, and definitely a sense of closure in the end.


    “Thoughts are the shadows of our feelings -- always darker, emptier and simpler.”
    ― Friedrich Nietzsche

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    Well that is assuming that this stuff is correct, which I can't confirm. It's just educated guessing. I'm not that advanced at MBTI.

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    Hmmm, If I were to write a story I'd focus on the main character rather than any other side characters. My stories would be of the fantasy genre rather than the sci fi or I may intertwine them together. I deeply like the idea of different races other than humans. I may put a love interest in my stories however it would not take up any main part of the story. I would put a series of questions and answer about half of them throughout the story to get people to read on towards the next book. The main character would relate to me in some way and twists would exists throughout the story as an inspirational factor.

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    An E would focus on a larger group of characters who were nearly equally developed and the focus would move around.
    An I would focus mostly on one or a few characters who would have stronger development than the subcharacters.
    True. My stories always have at least two main characters (I'm planning a project with five main character) and the other charachters have a pretty large role too. Most of the characters are quite excentric.

    An S would put a lot of detail into the environment and situation and would be more action oriented.
    An N would place emphasis on puzzles and riddles, internal thought and abstract forms of storytelling.
    True. I'm writing a story where the main characters are searching a missing person and they're trying to find out where he's hiding. There is a huge complot in this story and it took me a lot of time to make the puzzle fit perfectly. On the other hand I'm not planning any riddles in my next project. That's just abut a few spoiled Paris Hilton type of brats who are starting a maffia organization after they all went broke, so they can keep buying themselves overexpensive clothes, pets and gadgets.

    An F would emphasize the characters emotions and would be more likely to write about relationships and romance.
    A T would emphasize on the plot and include be more likely to write about mystery or science fiction.
    There's never real romance involved in my stories and in case there is I try to hide it or compensate it with lots of horror elements. Sometimes I do write emotional scenes, but then I rewrite them again when I'm in a sarcastic mood or I'll simply remove them. I only left one emotional scene in the story I'm writning at the moment. I don't like emotional crap. I prefer stories that fuck with people's ethical feelings. The main characters and the good guys do so many bad things, it makes you think about your own moral system, ask yourself questions.

    A P would have a more open and expansive plotline that leaves many plot points open and unresolved.
    A J would have a more restricted and linear plot where all the plot points are resolved and there are few questions remaining at the end.
    My stories used to be linear when I was younger, but now I realized how many flashbacks are in the story I'm currently writing. The half of the story is made out of flashbacks. The ending is half open. You know where the person they're searching is, but you don't really know how the rest of the story is going to end. I know how all of these plot points will resolve, but I just don't put them in the story itself. Mainly because most plot points will resolve so happily and shiny and cuddly it almost makes me feel sick. It also has two major plot lines, one for each main character.
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