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Thread: 8w7 & 8w9

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    Default 8w7 & 8w9

    I've talked about these before on various other forums, but I'm interested to hear from not only 8s but from everyone on this forum about how you personally differentiate between an 8w7 and an 8w9, from your experience. And 8s, how did you decide which wing was your dominant one?

    Personally, I've typed as an 8w7 most in my childhood years, and - besides a brief phase from 12-14 which I can only describe as a 6w7 phase - for most of my teens. Recently though, my 9 wing has become more evident, although I certainly retain some aspects of the 7 wing. I'm still concerned about formalities, and the 8w9 is informal by nature. I don't always have the calm of the 8w9 - sometimes I can be very outgoing and forceful.

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    First of all, I personally wouldn't put much stock into the differences in the system. Enneagram authors don't even agree among themselves. If you recognize yourself in both the descriptions of the 7 and 9 wing, maybe you just have both.

    Considering the correlations observed in studies conducted by a consulting firm for Riso & Hudson, I'd say that in their system you may distinguish the 7 and 9 wing in the following manner:

    7 wing can be indicative of intellectual propensity, higher extraversion (cheerfulness, assertiveness and activity level) and lower impulse control (free floating anger, spontaneity and general lack of inhibition). I would expect 7 wingers to be more E, N as well as less conscientious (while still being "J" maybe - more on that if you want) and more emotionally unstable as described in the big five.

    9 wing can be indicative of lower extraversion and higher impulse control. I would expect them to be more I, S as well as more emotionally stable.

    That's about the only established difference in terms of *traits*. The rest depends on people's stereotypic views of these types. Here are traits associated with the types that are not based upon any kind of evidence but that may help get a "feel" for the differences, so to speak:

    The 8w7 is more assertive, more openly angry, talks faster, is more of an entrepreneur type, is more moody and is more self-centered. Think of the 8w7 as a big kid with a big ego who won't control his impulses like normal people would ( ). The 8w7 is more narcissistic than the 8w9. The 8w7 probably gets angry for a yes or a no and has no qualms about venting his frustrations on anyone, and appear completely calm the a minute later as though nothing happened. Because of this, the 8w7 may have a hard time fitting in any groups. Though fun to have around, his selfishness eventually gets him into conflict. 8w7's tend to stir up chaos.

    The 8w9 is the strong and silent type. An 8w9 is very grounded, sure of himself and patient. The 8w9 tends to be more of a watchdog than an aggressor like the 8w7. The 8w9 probably is calm and relaxed until someone crosses a boundary and at which moment his anger erupts like a volcano. An 8w9 is more paranoid than an 8w7. A good metaphor for the 8w9 is that of "bear". An apparently cuddly and calm type as long as you don't bother him.

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    I'm an 8w9, and I knew that 9 was my wing because I do have a very soft, muted side to me, like "the iron fist in the velvet glove". We try to make sure others feel traces of a "paternal cloud" from us that is hovering over them, and generally don't get fired up quite as much...just try to exert a strong, steady stream of light force in our actions. We keep things inside ourselves to avoid conflict sometimes, but it does erupt eventually.

    I mean, I can be really 7 a lot of the time too, but I chose to define myself as having a 9 wing because the 8w7 description didn't have that muted aspect to it. Otherwise it would've been a tough choice.
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    I'm doing Doorman work right now and there is a bit of a teeter totter going on between my 7 and 9 wings. My 7 want's to smash people in the face, but also loves to crack them up and my 9 wing is the patient adult supervising drunken children in the barcare.

    I've been moderately violent a couple of times, when my 7 reacted to pinheads, but overall, I'm rolling as a patient wing 9, while doing my work duties, but 7 when socializing, if that's possible.

    More likely I'm a 8 w 7 , all growed up

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