As I believe I've mentioned in at least half of my posts, I'm profoundly manic-depressive, and as a brain difference, it's bound to influence the organization of my personality. In my euthymic (normal) and manic periods, I'm like a caricature of a young male ENTP, and, unsurprisingly, the rate of diagnosed bipolar illness (manic depression) in ENTPs is an order of magnitude higher than that of other types. Given that manic depression has had influence over the development of my personality, it's unsurprising that my MBTI on a given day reflects my mood state.

When the MBTI has been administered to me while in the hospital, I've always been in depressive cycles. On each of these MBTIs I came across as squarely INTJ. When I'm down, I don't Perceive the world as meaningfully as I can Judge it, and I credit that Judgement with giving my life structure during periods of melancholia and worse. One might imagine that a depressed ENTP would resort to his Si, but in my case, rumination (on Sensible experiences that have caused me pain) has played little role; I know more or less through intuition when my body has begun a down cycle, with Si active only near the bottom of the cycle's arc, helpfully grieving over old losses and regrets that I then claim are my reason for being so depressed. Besides the shift from extroversion to introversion, which sounds to me like the uncomplicated result of the depressive loss of interest in others.

It's not that I have a blurry personality, it's that it won't stay still. I have never gotten wishy-washy results after an MBTI; I have both ENTP and INTJ personalities, but they each have a specific location on my affective cycle. In good times (ENTP), I thoroughly lack the power to Judge the world and my place in it; when I am most INTJ, I lack my Ne, which my ENTP had to register as a superpower until the Assault Weapons Ban. In the Spider-Man movies, I believe there's a time when Spider-Man begins to lose his powers, tragically devolving him back into Tobey McGuire. Even though he's a dweeb, I feel his pain here.

What is the word on distinct personality type within an individual? Are some sorts of people, or some specific MBTI types, prone to context-dependent or even -independent reorganization? Can anyone bring about a type shift voluntarily and convincingly? And is it possible that my INTJ alter ego is merely a vision of an ENTP with severe bipolar disorder? I can imagine that the power of my mood cycles, which I'll Pepsi Challenge against any madman alive, spinning my happy-go-fuck-ya ENTP self into an INTJ. But I can imagine more than enough with my Ne right now.

Do individuals with a polyphasic psychological type exist?