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  • I am an NF and I prefer NTs

    9 24.32%
  • I am an NF and I prefer NFs

    5 13.51%
  • I am an NT and I prefer NFs

    16 43.24%
  • I am an NT and I prefer NTs

    6 16.22%
  • I am an N and I prefer Ss

    1 2.70%
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    From the Undertow CuriousFeeling's Avatar
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    Dec 2009
    4w5 sp/sx


    I prefer both NTs and NFs.

    - Have you ever dated NTs (yes/no and optionally: how many)
    Yes, an INTP once. It worked out in the short run, but in the long run we both decided things wouldn't work.

    - Have you ever dated NFs (yes/no and optionally: how many)
    Yep, just one, an ENFP. Things didn't work out towards the end. We ended up arguing constantly, and I think that perhaps I was a bit too critical towards him.

    - Why do you prefer as you do?
    With a preference for both, NTs counterbalance my emotional side a bit, help to rationalize what I'm feeling. They don't fuss too much if something goes wrong, they just jump right into the problem solving process. I think growing up with an NT dad, I tend to find that NTs can cool me down a bit when I get moody. They're a source of stability, a great mentor. Plus, I love how they are intelligent and I like it even better if they are involved in science. It's cute when someone is into technology and nerdy stuff. I tend to connect with them with science.

    I also like NFs as well. I find them romantic, sensitive and empathetic. I tend to reveal a bit of my softer side more often with NFs. I feel I can express myself and be emotionally transparent with them. If they get too emotionally worked up, it can be stressful for me because I tend to pick up on their emotions. Despite this, I feel that I can go on with them about art and music.

    Depends on what works best, to be honest.


    “Thoughts are the shadows of our feelings -- always darker, emptier and simpler.”
    ― Friedrich Nietzsche

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    I'd rather be with an NT over an NF simply because of the fear of it being too similar and brother-like, but honestly my longest relationships have all been with xSFx guys. I think F men are easier to bond with. I've been attracted to or had entanglements with NTs, and it never goes well.

    I could be wrong, though. Whatever. At this point, I've stopped judging who I would or wouldn't date by type.

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    I just really like theoretical discussions, and I would like someone to balance out my weak points. I think an INTJ would be perfect for me, except he needs to have really developed Fi. And on my side, for that to work, I need to become more consistent about my feelings and less threatened by 'constructive' criticism. But, I wouldn't actively select based on type. Knowing about types would just be a heads-up. You never know. I have seen really odd couplings - and they work. I am most impressed by NTs, but that may not work in reality.

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