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  • Gifts Differing

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  • Personality Type An Owners Manual

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  • Type Talk

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  • Principles of Typology

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  • Psychological Types (Jung)

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  • Type Talk at Work

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  • Please Understand Me 2

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  • Beside Ourselves

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  • Introduction to Type and the Eight [8] Jungian Functions (MBTI) - Hartzler

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    Quote Originally Posted by whatever View Post
    understand the basics and then use your brain... reading books to understand things clearly will just lead you down the rabbit hole of literature and still will not clarify things
    I mean, otherwise, it's

    Theoretically, things should be like _____. Therefore, things are like ____.

    Books, logic, framing our knowledge, and passing it on is really useful.. but we can't pass all of it on. Sometimes, we can only use our knowledge to guide other people to discover for themselves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bologna View Post
    I mean, otherwise, it's

    Theoretically, things should be like _____. Therefore, things are like ____.
    meaning that it's completely non-applicable, and therefore moot?
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    I wonder if SolitaryWalker voted for his own book.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Esoteric Wench View Post
    Here's a question?

    What's your least favorite of the above typology books, and why?

    Keirsey bugs the crap out of me. And, his conclusions on type compatibility (e.g., that the ideal match for an ENFP is an ISTJ) are laughable to me.
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    I don't really have one favorite typology book. I suppose it would be Lenore Thomson's book. I really liked her explanations for the different cognitive functions. Jung's Psychological Types is good too but the writing can be too academic and dry and further removed from reality. I have mixed feelings about Kiersey. His was the first book I've read. I find his temperament stuff interesting but some of his type descriptions come across as chariactures (sp?) more than a description of an actual person. The SP descriptions seem the worst in that regard. For example, do all ISTPs look and act like bad ass motorcycle-riding rebels mechanics? Type Talk seems overly simplistic and I don't think it talks about functions but there's alot of humor and anedotes in there and it is an entertaining read. It's a good book for someone who needs to learn about type but doesn't want to spend much time doing so.

    I haven't read the others yet. Are there some other good typology books that I've overlooked?
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    Psychological types is something that everyone should read if they are seriously interested on typology. It can be tought read, but thats just because it grasps the complexity of typology better than other books. I got the lenores book, but found it too simplistic and it had some pretty stupid false things in it also(but those were mainly some small nuances, which however can lead to big misunderstandings), it had some good stuff too, but didnt really offer much for me since i had read jungs book and stuff from the internets before it. Actually i read like 2/3 of the book and skimmed the rest, i rather spend my time reading something else.
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    Quote Originally Posted by whatever View Post
    life itself and all of the people that exist in it? why read lots and lots of literature on the fact when you can grasp the outline and flesh it out with theories derived from meeting and observing plenty of real people, as opposed to theoretical people?

    isn't a theory stronger when it's a working and living thing instead of something cold and dead on the page?
    Quote Originally Posted by whatever View Post
    real life observations and interactions mean so much more than written words on a page as far as learning and creation of things go! seeing how people think and cope in real life situations shows exactly how ambiguous things are as opposed to being clean cut like in books and makes you have to think and observe harder in order to figure things out... while books might make things simpler in a black and white manner, the sheer variety of people and experiences that you can study in real life make things significantly more applicable...

    understand the basics and then use your brain... reading books to understand things clearly will just lead you down the rabbit hole of literature and still will not clarify things
    Well, with respect to the basics - think about it. As an Se dom, your response is not altogether surprising. People are different and learn in different ways. People are also interested in different things and that's fine.

    I have read a ton of books on this stuff over the years. I can assure you I'm not hold up in my basement theorizing about it but it is an interesting hobby with practical application. We all have different ways of approaching the world. If I want to learn about something - how to do it - I generally read about it online and then when I want to get a more in-depth understanding, I often reach for a book. I have always done this sort of thing. It doesn't make it black and white. I like to understand things in depth and some of that comes from foundational learning which includes reading. Insight comes from depth and breadth of understanding. I guess I could learn completely through trial and error but that seems a bit inefficient.

    The important thing to realize is that neither approach is wrong.

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    I think I've read most of these, except Nardi's book. I'd recommend Thomson's the most. It's not only informative, but I think she takes the most accessible approach. It's kind of entertaining. Some people have made her out to be overly-mystical or something, but I see little of that (in the book at least). For an INJ, she's pretty tame.

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    I agree lenores take on type is the best
    Can't see why some people dislike her

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    It is hard for me to choose just one favorite...

    Personality Type: An Owners Manual
    As a comprehensive overview, I think this would be my preference.

    Was that really me? (the revised version of Beside Ourselves)
    I often feel under stress and "not myself" so I related to a lot of the descriptions of types under stress.

    Building Blocks of Personality
    I liked the focus on cognative functions and the section on communication between different types

    I just got the new Nardi book and Gifts DIffering (I never read it before, but I'm looking for a good intro book to give to others, so I want to see if it fits that role), but have not read either of them yet.
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