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    ENFj Ni

    Exclamation Type C Genome Project

    I have a special interest in genetics and personality type. I believe they are directly correlated, largely through my observations and experiences being adopted from birth, and having found my biological mother when I was nearly an adult, followed by recently connecting with my paternal side of the family. I see a close relationship in my children's types and my husband's and my type as well. I prefer to go by cognitive functions, but it's not really necessary; you can use mbti preferences and still see a depiction of how type play out in inheritance.

    I invite you all to post your parents' types (use an educated guess, and if you are not sure, please use a 'x' to specify that) and your own type. If you have older children, it would be interesting to see that relationship as well.

    Here is mine:

    My biological mother is an INTJ and my biological father (according to my brother who is most likely an INTP) was an ESFJ. This easily explains my Ni/Fe, my two most utilized functions. My adoptive mom is an ISTJ and my adoptive dad was an ESTJ, and my adopted sister is an ISFP. Although I was raised around all that S, I am nothing close to sensory oriented, with the exception of Si, which I use fairly well when it comes to understanding how I'm feeling in my body--being able to physically feel and locate accurately the origin of sensations in my body. I attribute this most likely to my father's Si.

    My husband's mother and father are: ISFP/ESTP respectively. My husband is ISTP. He gets his Ti/Se from his father, but he is very Fe as well, relative to a typical ISTP.
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    my family was an S/N split

    mom- ISFJ
    dad- INTP
    sis- ENFJ
    me- ESTP

    for further-

    mom's mom- ESFJ
    mom's dad- ISTJ

    dad's mom- ESTJ
    dad's dad- ESFP

    and for their siblings

    mom's sisters- ISTJ, ENTJ, ESFP and ESFJ
    dad's siblings- ENFP and ISTP

    is that enough info?
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    I thought we were all going to give DNA samples or something

    How deep do you want to go? siblings / parents / grandparents? Our own children too if we have them? Sibling's children?
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    My family is all incredibly N except for my big sister. She's got bipolar disorder, though, so i'd not attach a type to her. She's the only one with any form of mental problems, and they aren't that severe.

    Mom: INFJ
    Dad: ENTP

    Big brother: ENTP (like a straight-up copy of dad. Looks, voice etc)

    Big sister: XXXX (all depending on the ups and downs) from ISFP to ENFJ. Definite F, tho.

    Me: INTJ

    Little Sister: INTJ

    Three Ni-doms in the family isn't a coincidence. 4/6 are NT. 1 NF and a possible NF.

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    Heh I've always wondered about this too. I'm skeptical about there being strong genetic links to personality, however (and usually I'm the one arguing for the biological reason). Personality seems to be so malleable in response to one's environment, especially in the early years of life, so a strong genetic tie seems unlikely. I'd hypothesize that N/S would be the most heritable trait, however.

    How well-versed are you in genetics? There's more to it than just basic dominant/recessive inheritance. Don't be too quick to make assumptions in your analysis.

    Also, even if you see a strong correlation among one's type and one's parents' types, that doesn't necessarily indicate that the relationship is due to genetic factors. It could be due to environmental factors at that point (except obviously not in cases like yours, AGA).

    Oh, and I think there's another thread that posts family types too, so you can get more data there.

    Anyway, here's what I know of my family's types:

    Mom: INFP (very very introverted...Fi/Si loop)
    Dad: ISTJ (pretty functionally balanced, even down to his inferior Ne)
    Mom's father: INTJ (also very functionally balanced, down to his inferior Se)
    Mom's sister: ISFP
    Mom's mother: ENFP (very strong Ne/Fi. tert Te and inf Si are very weak)
    Half-brother: (same dad): xNTP (his mom is ESTJ)
    Me: ENTP (strong Ne/Ti, but very weak Fe/Si...but I've still got some growing up to do)

    I don't really have much information for my dad's side of the family. Sorry.

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    This is interesting when looking at the functions, hmmm.

    Myself - INFJ

    Dad - ISTP
    Mom - ESTP
    Brother - ESTP

    Ex husband - ESTJ
    Son - ENXP
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    Oh, I also have information for a good friend's family:

    Friend: ENTJ
    Mother: ENFJ
    Father: ENTJ
    Brother: ENTP
    Mom's mother: ISTP
    Dad's sister: ESTJ
    Dad's brother: ESTP
    Mom's sister: ESFJ

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    Mom's Mom-IXXJ
    Grandpa Mom-ESXP

    Dad's dad-ISTJ
    Dad's mom-ISFJ
    Dad brother- ISTP

    Mom- ISFJ
    Dad- ISTJ

    I'm an INFJ, my sib is INTP.

    There tends to be a lot of disconnect between us and our parents. , Sib and I get along swimmingly, though.
    I think I think more than you think I think.

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    There are no intuitives in my family and close relatives, I'm quite certain of it.

    Me - INFJ
    Mom - ISFJ
    Dad - ISTJ
    Brother - ISTJ

    Dad's father - ISTJ
    Dad's mother - ISFJ

    Mom's mother - ESTJ
    Mom's father - ISTP
    Mom's sister - ESFP

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    done this 100 times, but I can and will do it again

    Me: ENFP
    Dad: ENTP
    Mom: ISFJ
    Sister: ESFJ
    Half-brother (dad's side): ENTJ

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