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    Quote Originally Posted by Mister Eyebrows View Post
    done this 100 times, but I can and will do it again
    Same here.

    Mom: INFJ
    Dad: INTP
    Me: ESTJ
    No siblings.

    My dad definitely nurtured the Ne in me, and also trained me well in the art of Ti (if there's one wise phrase I learned from him, it's "If it looks fishy, then do some fact checking"), though that didn't reflect in my type. Still can't figure out where I got my Te/Fi, though.

    Ah well. Whatever.
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    Never thought about it before, but lemme think...

    Father - ENFX (about 50/50 p/j hard to tell)
    Mother - ESFJ
    Aunt - ISFP

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    Tested with homemade test and checked with understanding of the dichotomies and the type descriptions:

    Mom: ENFJ
    Dad: ISTJ
    Sister: ENFJ
    Me: ENTP
    (I'm certain I've inherited the P from my maternal grandfather. He's not around any more to take a test, I've never known him, but in the stories I've heard he appears as a model ENTP)

    Mother-in-law: ESFJ
    Father-in-law: ENTP
    Husband: ESTJ.
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    Mom: ESFP
    Dad: ISTJ
    Brother: INTJ
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    Introverted (I) 60% Extroverted (E) 40%
    Sensing (S) 56.25% Intuitive (N) 43.75%
    Thinking (T) 61.29% Feeling (F) 38.71%
    Judging (J) 71.88% Perceiving (P) 28.13%

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    Me: INFP

    Mom: ISFJ
    Biological Dad: ENTP
    Step-dad: ISFP

    Full sister: ESFP

    Half Brother: ESFP
    His mom (my step-mom): ESFP


    Mom's side

    My grandma: ESFJ
    My grandpa: ISTJ
    My mom: ISFJ
    My uncle: INTP
    My aunt (#1): ENFP
    My aunt (#2): tests INFJ, not sure about her (possibly ENxJ)

    Dad's side:

    My grandma: ?
    My grandpa: ESFJ
    My dad: ENTP
    My uncle: ISFP
    My aunt (#1): ENTP
    My aunt (#2): ? ...probably xSFP

    Aunt #1's family:

    Aunt: ENTP
    Husband: INTJ
    Male cousin #1: ISTP
    Male cousin #2: IxFP
    Female cousin #1: ISTJ
    Female cousin #2: ESFP
    Female cousin #3: INTJ

    Aunt #2's family:

    Aunt: tests INFJ, may be ENxJ
    Husband: ISTJ
    Male cousin: INTJ

    Aunt #3's family:

    Aunt: ENFP
    Husband: ISxP
    Male cousin #1: ESTP
    Male cousin #2: ISFP
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    I'm no MBTI pro, at all, but here's my go:

    Dad: ISTJ
    Mom: ENFP
    Me: INTJ
    Sister: XNFP
    Other sister: INTJ
    INTJ | 5w4 - Sp/Sx/So | 5-4-(9/1) | RLoEI | Melancholic-Choleric | Johari & Nohari

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    Quote Originally Posted by aphrodite-gone-awry View Post
    I have a special interest in genetics and personality type. I believe they are directly correlated, largely through my observations and experiences being adopted from birth, and having found my biological mother when I was nearly an adult, followed by recently connecting with my paternal side of the family. I see a close relationship in my children's types and my husband's and my type as well. I prefer to go by cognitive functions, but it's not really necessary; you can use mbti preferences and still see a depiction of how type play out in inheritance.

    I invite you all to post your parents' types (use an educated guess, and if you are not sure, please use a 'x' to specify that) and your own type. If you have older children, it would be interesting to see that relationship as well.

    Here is mine:

    My biological mother is an INTJ and my biological father (according to my brother who is most likely an INTP) was an ESFJ. This easily explains my Ni/Fe, my two most utilized functions. My adoptive mom is an ISTJ and my adoptive dad was an ESTJ, and my adopted sister is an ISFP. Although I was raised around all that S, I am nothing close to sensory oriented, with the exception of Si, which I use fairly well when it comes to understanding how I'm feeling in my body--being able to physically feel and locate accurately the origin of sensations in my body. I attribute this most likely to my father's Si.

    My husband's mother and father are: ISFP/ESTP respectively. My husband is ISTP. He gets his Ti/Se from his father, but he is very Fe as well, relative to a typical ISTP.
    You'll have a better chance convincing biologists of the genetical capability of pigs and flight, then correlate MBTI and serious psychology.
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