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    Dad: eSTJ
    Mom: Isfp
    Older Sister: ExTJ (she seems to have turned to a sensing preference and I am not sure what to make of it yet)
    Me: INTP
    Younger Sister: ENFP
    And I am even less sure about the rest of the family...

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    Aside from my mother, a couple of cousins, and an aunt, this is speculation only:

    Mom: Test as XSTJ. Seems to be heavy on Te, F(i and e), and Ne.
    Biological father: ENTP scientist and entrepreneur.

    Mother's father: ESTJ perhaps? It's hard to say. Edit: I think ENTJ is much more likely. He was an educator and military man.
    Mother's mother: Described as NiFe, FiNe, or FiSe; died before I was born. She was an artist, stay-at-home mother, and photographer.

    Step-Grandmother: Textbook FeSi. She's was married to my grandfather for decades before I was born, and I've always been her chosen one. We're very close and we've got a mutual respect and admiration for each other.

    Great grandfather1:
    Described as an NiFe medicine man.
    Great grandfather2: Not sure. He was a medical doctor.
    Great great grandfather: Local revolutionary and minister. Likely, some combination of Fe and Ni.

    Great grandmother: Stay at home mother SiFe.
    Great great grandmother: FeNi entrepreneur and local hero who started a community school.

    Aunt1: FiNe social worker.
    Aunt2: NiFe or FiSe stay at home wife turned family fortune teller. Test as INTJ.
    Aunt3: SiFe nurse married to my TiNe racecar driving, mechanic, philosophizing uncle for 30+ years.
    Aunt4: FeSi vet owner and practitioner.

    Of my first cousins, a girl and guy, two have taken the test. The girl test ENFJ and the guy test ESTJ(he seems more NeFi though). I believe two of my other cousins, sisters, are FiNe and the other is FiSe. Their mother is Aunt1. Another cousin seems TiNe. Her mother is Aunt3 and her brother is the male cousin that I mentioned already.
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    Dad - ISTJ
    Mom - XNFJ
    Brother - ENFJ
    Sister - ISTJ
    Me - INTJ

    I actually do think type is inherited vs. shaped by environment but cascadeco's point is the one that keeps sticking in my mind.

    Quote Originally Posted by cascadeco View Post

    Very valid points; I was thinking these same things

    Also, the other fact that while personality itself is influenced/created by genes to a degree, we still have to remember *we're* the ones who've 'made up' the mbti dichotomies and functions, and the categories we've created may not have any bearing on the 'categories'/personality characteristics the genes code for. If that makes any sense.
    I have higher confidence in some preferences being inherited vs. others:

    E/I - I think this is proven to be somewhat inborn, so clearly there would be a high correlation with inheritance
    N/S - This I think would also probably have a high correlation, but I don't have evidence
    T/F - Not sure about this
    P/J - It would seem correlated but not sure

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    Quote Originally Posted by Z Buck McFate View Post

    ^This is always where I end up. I always feel the need to point out that- no matter how much we think we know- it should still be taken with a grain of salt. People form constructs to categorize events and phenomena for the sake of sharing and improving our understanding of them, but then we can inadvertently shift toward studying the construct as though it were the same as studying the actual event or phenomena (instead of something we created to represent the event or phenomena, basically mistaking the map for the territory).

    ...if THAT makes any sense.
    Yep!! Makes perfect sense to me; you've articulated it in a different way, but that's what I meant.
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    Mother: ISFJ
    Father: INTP [Rarely around, and generally not accepted by the family due to past actions.]

    Myself: INTJ [I ended up overdeveloping Te than your average I_TJ to compensate for preferring Ni & Fi. I also forced myself to build Fe and Si, unnaturally, and therefore, I don't shoot Fe-oriented ideas down as quickly like my TJ peers would. Though despite my best efforts, it took a long time to be comfortable using Fe & Si. Ne is also very popular in my family, but mostly out of my reach until my teens.

    On the positive (and negative) side, I'm used to being out of my comfort zone. I don't think I even bothered to acknowledge my introverted functions in my childhood. They were always there, and impacting my decisions/behavior, yet it was easy to rationalize away that existence with Te.

    In my adolescence days, I went entirely in the opposite direction and focused on Ni/Fi -- which did isolate me for years until I learned how to balance both sides of myself, and communicate to a wider audience.]

    Younger Sister: ISFJ
    Younger Brother: ESTP

    Mother's Side:

    Grandmother: ISFJ
    Grandmother's Sister: ISTJ
    Grandmother's Brother: ISFP
    Grandfather: ESTJ

    Aunt#1: ESFJ
    Aunt#2: ISTJ
    Aunt#3: ESTP
    Uncle#1: ISTP
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    Functional Preferences: Ni, Te/Fi, Ti, Se, Fe, Si, Ne

    Quote Originally Posted by OneWithSoul View Post
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    Father: I?TP - He insists he's INTP, but I'm unsure. Because he keeps to himself and doesn't really interact with me, it's hard to ascertain the Ne/Se. He's a submarine parent who gets on with things in the background.

    Mother: ESFJ (Formerly thought to be ESTJ)

    Brother: ESTP

    Myself: INTP

    Hm. The one function we each have in common is Ti.

    The only relatives outside of my immediate family that I see are my grandparents, on annual visits. So I'm not going to try and type the rest.
    Um, yeah.

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    Keep it comin' Guys. I'm going to enter data in Excel or something like that, and crunch it and see what comes out.
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    Father: ENTJ
    Mother: INTJ
    Me: INTP
    Younger Sister: ESFX
    She tested as ESFP although she shows signs of both P and J.

    Mother's side(Oldest of 4):
    Mother: ISFJ
    Father: IXTP leaning towards S
    Oldest brother: ESTX leaning towards J
    Middle brother: ISFJ
    Youngest brother:EXXP leaning towards F and no clue as to S/N

    Father's side:
    Mother: No memories of her but she sounds ESXJ
    Father: IXTP leaning towards N
    Younger sister: XXXX leaning towards E, very difficult to place her
    Younger brother: INTP
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    I guess I'm a bit late..
    But, My father is ESTJ,
    My mother is ISTP,
    My Younger brother is ESFP,
    And my older (by 19 years, if it matters) half brother (mother's side) is an ISTJ.

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    My mother a textbook ISFJ.

    My father is probably ENTP, but ENFP is also possible. He's pretty damn psychologically unhealthy so it's kinda hard to pin down his type for certain. Definitely ENP though.

    I don't know most of my extended family well enough to type them. My mother's family seems to have a lot of IS types though, and my father's family has several ENs. No one besides me seems to be IN, at least not the ones who live in the area.

    I have a half-brother who seems to be ISTP. We share the ISFJ mother I mentioned, and I think his father is ISTJ.

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