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    AA I would suggest paying close attention to Ni/Se patterns-ie INTJ/ISTP dads/sons. Also Fi/Te combos-ENFPs having INTJ children.

    Also-skipping of generations? Every single grandkid in our family matches to a grandparents type. All of the middle generation tentitively match to the great grandparants, although there is much error there.

    In our family there were no Ti, Fi, Te or Fe doms anywhere-until my sister married an ESTP-with an Fe dom mom. My sis popped out an Fe dom daughter.

    Those are the trends I have seen.

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    ^ That's odd... My paternal grandfather was an INTJ. I even look like him a lot.

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    my immediate family is all Fe-Ti people...
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    Mom: ISTJ
    Father: INTX (leaning towards INTJ with some INTP tendencies)
    Sister: ISFX

    Clearly, I inherited most of my NTness from my father.
    My family is also quite Jish, so I am the only P.

    Was quite INTX until I read Mao's biography (who I find myself quite similar with) and astrology, which made me more assertive and confident and more E(NT)P.
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    my mom- XSFP
    my dad ISTP
    me INFJ

    mother-in-law IXTJ
    father-in-law ISXP
    husband INTP
    sister-in-law ESFX

    our kids:
    INTJ girl
    INFP girl
    ISTJ boy
    INTP boy

    Edit: I have two brothers, but we all have different dads. FWIW they are ESXJ and ISTX, I'm guessing.
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    mom ixfp (thought infp for a long time, then wondered isfp but I kinda think she is infp after all - she is certainly VERY impractical but to a degree living in the moment also - more like fluttering from one panic to another)

    dad xNTx (I think he's ENTP or less likely, ENTJ but he thinks he's INTJ)

    me: istp
    sister 1: isfp
    sister 2: exfp - leaning towards s but I don't know her very well
    sister 3: infx - I think infj. possibly intp but I don't think so.

    edit: I think my maternal grandfather was istp, though it's hard to tell in older people. Possibly intp or intj.

    So are you gonna analyze all the results somehow? We've had a bunch of these threads over the years but no real conclusions, I'd be interested if there were trends. In the past it's seemed like some families have strong trends but others have completely unrelated types (esfj --> intp seems common, for example)
    -end of thread-

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    ME: ISFJ
    MOM: INTP :crazy:

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    Father: INTJ
    Mother: ESFP
    Sister 1: ESFJ
    Brother: ENTJ
    Sister 2: INFJ
    Me: ENTP

    In other words, I'm the only sibling that doesn't have 3 letters in common with at least one parent, although all 3 men in the family are NTs. Mother and father are opposites.

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    I, Claudius: ENTP
    Father: EsTJ
    Mother: ISFJ

    Sisters :
    ExFJ (I lean toward ENFJ)


    I'm the youngest, then my istp sister is 4 years older and all my other siblings are 12 to 15 years older than me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by whatever View Post
    my family was an S/N split

    mom- ISFJ
    dad- INTP
    sis- ENFJ
    me- ESTP

    for further-

    mom's mom- ESFJ
    mom's dad- ISTJ
    I find the balance pleasing between parent's traits and children's traits, until here:

    dad's mom- ESTJ
    dad's dad- ESFP
    Where does your dad's Ti and Ne come from? It looks like his ISTP bro got the Ti too:

    and for their siblings

    mom's sisters- ISTJ, ENTJ, ESFP and ESFJ
    dad's siblings- ENFP and ISTP
    Quote Originally Posted by PeaceBaby View Post
    I thought we were all going to give DNA samples or something
    Need a magazine? wait.

    How deep do you want to go? siblings / parents / grandparents? Our own children too if we have them? Sibling's children?
    Whatever you feel like.

    Quote Originally Posted by teslashock View Post
    Heh I've always wondered about this too. I'm skeptical about there being strong genetic links to personality, however (and usually I'm the one arguing for the biological reason). Personality seems to be so malleable in response to one's environment, especially in the early years of life, so a strong genetic tie seems unlikely. I'd hypothesize that N/S would be the most heritable trait, however.
    I disagree emphatically, mainly because I see firsthand in myself just how different I am from my adoptive family, and how similar I am to my biological family. I have naturally always been curious as to what traits I exhibit that my biological parents also exhibit(ed, but bio dad passed away quite a while ago, but I've become acquainted with my half brother). Even though they are in very early stages of studying behavioral genetics, it looks like studies are corroborating what I know to be true from my own experience:

    The molecular genetic architecture of human personality:
    beyond self-report questionnaires

    RP Ebstein. Department of Psychology and Scheinfeld Center for Genetic Studies in the Social
    Sciences, Mount Scopus, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel and Research Department,
    S. Herzog Memorial Hospital, Jerusalem, Israel

    Molecular genetic studies of personality began with two high impact papers in 1996 that
    showed provisional associations between the dopamine DRD4 exon III repeat region and
    Novelty Seeking/Extraversion. These first two reports were shortly followed by an investigation
    linking Neuroticism/Harm Avoidance with the serotonin transporter (SLC6A4) promoter
    region polymorphism (5-HTTLPR). In the ensuing decade, thousands of subjects have been
    studied for association between these genes and personality, assessed by using self-report
    questionnaires, with erratic success in replication of the first findings for Novelty Seeking
    (DRD4) and Harm Avoidance (5-HTTLPR). Small effect sizes characteristic of non-Mendelian
    traits, polygenic patterns of inheritance and true heterogeneity between studies confound
    attempts to reach a consensus regarding the role of common polymorphisms in contributing
    to personality domains. Nevertheless, the current state of personality genetics is far from
    being bleak. Several new paradigms especially functional neuroimaging or ‘imaging genomics’
    have strengthened the connection between 5-HTTLPR and anxiety-related personality traits.
    The demonstrations that early environmental information can considerably strengthen and
    even uncover associations between genes and behavior (Caspi’s seminal studies and more
    recently the demonstration that early environment impacts on DRD4 and Novelty Seeking) are
    notable and herald a new era of personality genetics. Finally, consideration of the broader
    phenotypic expression of common polymorphisms (e.g. the ‘social brain’, altruism, etc.) and
    the use of new experimental paradigms including neurophysiological, neuropsychological and
    computer games that go beyond the narrow self-report questionnaire design will enable a
    deeper understanding of how common genetic polymorphisms modulate human behavior.
    Human personality, defined by Webster as the quality or state of being a person or the complex
    of characteristics that distinguishes an individual, surely requires a more encompassing view
    towards understanding its complex molecular genetic architecture.
    Molecular Psychiatry (2006) 11, 427–445. doi:10.1038/; published online 14 March 2006
    How well-versed are you in genetics? There's more to it than just basic dominant/recessive inheritance. Don't be too quick to make assumptions in your analysis.
    Basic biology courses, and one genetics course at Texas A & M (which was pretty good), so, yeah, I understand it goes beyond dominant and recessive. We carry a lot of information in us that never is revealed, yet gets passed along. Do you have a genetics background?

    Also, even if you see a strong correlation among one's type and one's parents' types, that doesn't necessarily indicate that the relationship is due to genetic factors. It could be due to environmental factors at that point (except obviously not in cases like yours, AGA).
    How do you mean?

    Anyway, here's what I know of my family's types:

    Mom: INFP (very very introverted...Fi/Si loop)
    Dad: ISTJ (pretty functionally balanced, even down to his inferior Ne)
    Mom's father: INTJ (also very functionally balanced, down to his inferior Se)
    Mom's sister: ISFP
    Mom's mother: ENFP (very strong Ne/Fi. tert Te and inf Si are very weak)
    Half-brother: (same dad): xNTP (his mom is ESTJ)
    Me: ENTP (strong Ne/Ti, but very weak Fe/Si...but I've still got some growing up to do)

    I don't really have much information for my dad's side of the family. Sorry.
    Matches up nicely, doesn't it?

    Quote Originally Posted by Lux View Post
    This is interesting when looking at the functions, hmmm.

    Myself - INFJ

    Dad - ISTP
    Mom - ESTP
    Brother - ESTP

    Ex husband - ESTJ
    Son - ENXP
    Very interesting! It would be fun to know your grandparents' types to see where you get your intuition and feeling.
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