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    He's INTJ to the max. It's why he's so damned attractive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SubtleFighter View Post
    As for S vs N, I realized that while Sheldon does obsess about details, it's possible that that's because of high Ti and not because of being a sensor. Although the guy is so J and Te-like too. So I see where you guys are coming from in saying he's some kind of INTJ/INTP hybrid. Maybe he's an INTP with OCPD, which makes him appear more J-like.
    I agree with the highlighted, and thanks for the correction about OCD vs. OCPD. I have always found Sheldon's thinking far more Ti than Ni, hence never could quite see him as INTJ.

    Quote Originally Posted by chris1207 View Post
    I think he's INTJ. He shows a lot of insecure Te > Fi (always putting himself above others in terms of intellect and thus worth to him.) I do think it's funny that they use a lot of Si to characterize him, by showing his adherence to established conventions, norms, habits, etc. He otherwise seems to exhibit Ni when talking about his theories. Like his flow-chart that he used to become friends with Kripkey, constructing a variety of hypothetical scenarios and probable outcomes and paths to continue down depending on Kripkey's answers.
    An INTP has tertiary Si, which would easily explain how he follows habits and conventions, and even seems to draw comfort from them.

    As for the flow-charting, almost every INTP I know (and that's quite a few) excels at this. Using it to construct a series of hypotheticals, however, sounds more like Ne. Ni/Te would construct the one master flowchart showing the one final (or at least most probable) outcome.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SubtleFighter View Post
    I'm voting for ESTJ. The Te is obvious, and he's always initiating conversations with others, so he's an extravert. As for S vs N, he's always going on about details.
    Something like that. He's fictional, so not very fleshed out, a caricature, and tends to be both N and S (as is convenient to the plot/jokes).

    He could well be extroverted, as his focus does seem extremely outward and object orientated, he talks/socializes a lot (even with the sitcom bias of focusing on talking removed), and thinks/reacts out loud a lot. His introversion seems purely social, based on avoidance and withdrawal, which is only indirectly related/correlated to Introversion. He shows a lot more S than N, with the detailed, systematic and grounded nature of most his actions (which does not resemble any form of autism I have encountered), and a lot of Te to back it up (result over process, defaults to constructing externalized systems, reacts intensely to things that don't conform to his models etc). He speaks like he's always built up systems over time based on experience, relying on it as his main form of development (which is very Si), and his paranoia is heavily based on those systems and shapes the way he views life almost immediately when changes occur (which is very Judging, but also quite Extroverted).

    So yeah, an ESTJ or an ISTJ fits pretty nicely. Difficult to tell if Te or Si is stronger. Few people will be willing to accept that he is a Sensor archetype though.

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