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    Default Estonians.

    Estonian people are often thought of having nasty personalities. The population is aging and the aura of the country in general is often described as depressing.
    It's a post-soviet country and has always been trying to catch up with other countries throughout its' history.

    The people seem to be very uncreative. Not that I would be any better when it comes to that. I'm possibly lazy, pessimistic, too much of a perfectionist, but I just can't put myself to being productive in the arts. But the arts part is just me and it seems to be intensified in my case, as I'm even less active when it comes to that.

    For example, the arts/mythology teacher in my school is highly respected by pretty much everyone. She has been highly adventurous and artistic for her whole life. She has been teaching for 30 years. I suspect her to be an ENFP, but I could really be off with this one. She honestly is a mature person. Either way, the people interested in the fields of art are really looking up to her here. It's easy to see why the more creative ones are not satisfied with this sort of situation. She seems to be the kind of person this country nearly lacks.

    The people have always been described as very stubborn. I suppose they're also quite traditional and could be downright patriotic if required. A lot of attention and effort has always been put on the development schools here, so I suppose they value knowledge.

    All this, the lack of creativity, the concern with schools and tradition makes me want to think of ISTJ for some reason.

    I wouldn't be surprised if you guys think that I'm daft for even thinking of such a thing, but it was merely a flow of thought and I haven't quite managed to put my finger on this yet. Just curious of what the people here think and would like help on this.

    Pages that I found on Estonians:

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    Your description fits Finns pretty well...

    On the other hand, I think the hype about the need for creativity is not equal with the actual demand for creative people. Creativity is, in my opinion, a life philosophy and I find it very hard to find a place that would accept it as such. Usually they just want the good side of creativity, but act surprised when they find out it isn't clockwork and will lead to other kind of outside-the-box thinking. They want it but don't know what to do with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nolla View Post
    Your description fits Finns pretty well...
    I remember an ENTP from the US who was highly frustrated with nearly everything he could think of when he came to live here for a while. He went as far as calling this one of the worst countries he's ever been to. He called it a cross between Russia and Finland.

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    Considering the overall feel of the country, the "taking care of business" drive of the society (or rather, the obligation felt to do it), then I agree with ISTJ.

    Quote Originally Posted by MacabreCharade View Post
    He called it a cross between Russia and Finland.
    Well, it is an astute observation.

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