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    Default Confusion on functions?

    I find it weird that cognitive functions are of a certain type and order that varies greatly between 1 letter MBTI difference. What if someone got a perfect centre for one letter, like P or J, for example, with EST other letters (random example)? What functions would they have in what order?

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    For Js: perceiving function is introverted and judging function is extroverted, eg: Ni,Si,Te,Fe
    For Ps: perceiving function is extroverted and judging function is introverted, eg: Ti,Fi,Ne,Se

    If you are introvert, your introverted function is dominant and extroverted function auxillary. eg: INTJ- Ni, Te

    the order after the first 2 function is somewhat disputed:

    eg: INTJ- Ni Te Si Fe Ti Ne Fi Se
    and another Ni Te Ti Se Ti Ne Si Fe

    the majority seems to support the second order though I thought the first seems more true. You decide for yourself. Anyway we might all be wrong, maybe there were no such nicely cut functions and orders and it might all be more bizzare than what we all would like. One important point is that we are not sure whether all these "theories" were rigourously tested or logically derived. We seemed to just accept it as being true without much questioning.

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