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I hung out with the boys playing soccer at recess as a child! I could trash talk and get in fights with the best of them I was known for looking down at a guy who I'd kicked in the shin in a particularly violent soccer game one day and saying- "what, are you going to cry now like a little girl?" This was made more dramatic since my lip was completely busted and bleeding from a fight at the moment...
SO sounds like something I would have done.

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ExTJ troublemaker in the playground

Always got written up on my report cards for talking too much and causing trouble.
Always wanted to stir up a little bit of trouble (but was terrified of authority)!
Good grades except in handwriting and gym.
Loved school for its structure.
Interested in talking all day but not interested in sharing my toys.
Complete unawareness of other people's feelings (and my own).
Looked forward (with very much excitement!) to being on the safety patrol.
Loved being a part of groups, like Girl Scouts or swim team.
Always attempting to organize clubs and groups of other kids.
Organized an "ice patrol" in second and third grades, because I felt it was my duty to keep other kids from falling on the ice on the playground.
Never played games that didn't "make sense" in the real world-- completely uninterested in sci-fi/fantasy (still am). Played out scenarios such as school, college, theatre, house, graduation, store, and dance club.
Always restless and wanting to GO SOMEPLACE and DO SOMETHING- which annoyed my introverted parents!