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Thread: Ni foresight

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    Quote Originally Posted by Litvyak View Post
    What skills are you referring to, in case of Ni? And how does practicing these skills reinforce Ni? Does it even?
    I still think it's the function most beyond our control.
    Practicing skills does not reinforce functions. A function may encourage you to develop a particular skill, but its something of a oneway process. A skill cannot change a function. However, a desire to do something outside the normal range of your primary is representative in and off itself a lesser function coming to the fore. Thus it is endulging the desire to try thinking in a new way that develops the function, not whatever skill it is you are practicing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by VagrantFarce View Post
    Different points of view generate different rationalities and each one of them is legit from their particular view, so perhaps next time you answer you should establish which frames you are addressing.

    And these frames are built upon information said perceiver has acquired at the given time of the structure of a rational thought.

    For an example.

    Person A knows that 1+x=6
    Person B knows that 1+5=z

    A knows the answer and calculates what he assumes to be the hidden yet expected answer of X to be 2.5x2 (except that in math there's the frame of reference of one digit etcetera etcetera.)

    B knows the question and calculates what he thinks may be the answer to this question = 6.

    Now, I know this is obvious and shit but it kinda bugs me sometimes when people scream at eachother, "THINK RATIONALLY" and yet they're aware of the possibility that both parties actually are, just with different sets of information.

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    You certainly can improve your intuition. Try thinking about a problem but not forming an immediate conclusion. Keep adding elements to it. Keep making the 'equation' bigger, but don't 'decide'. Don't use logic (because it's a surface-level skill, and is very useful for many problems, but not here). let the idea steep for 24 hours.

    Let the answer bubble up, or explode in a eureka! moment.

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