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    Default Bit of MBTI speculation but...

    Probably bullshit but I wondeer if anything has been written on this:

    I've read the Tertiary fucntion described as the "secret motivation";

    and the inferior judged as the "projection", i.e. that which we feel imposed on us by the external world;

    and the dominant and secondary I guess are the ways in which we primarily interact with the outside world, i.e. our consciously expressed and outwardly visible "personality";

    So to what extent does the Tertiary correspond to the Id; Inferior to the Superego; and the 2 dominant functions to the Ego...?
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    OH MY GOD, I had no idea that tertiary meant that. That makes so much sense for INTP... I often feel this subconscious need to go with the norm and follow rules strictly, but Ne takes over in the end. What a discovery.

    Sorry, I don't know anything about Freud.

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    The 'secret motivation' stuff sounds like one of those things that can be attributed to an inferior function and so it is. The 'beauty' of the tertiary/inferior functions is that the way they show up is nebulous by definition, and so someone can take a hammer to some human trait and force it to fit.

    This sounds like Socionics' hidden agenda, a thing that people who study Socionics tend to take way too seriously, given how tenuously it's actually tied to the more robust parts of the theory.

    See also: the hundreds of descriptions of each type's 'shadow type' and how they manifest under stress.

    That said, I kind of like the idea of tying the dominant functions to the ego. That's something that, of course, Socionics also does

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