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    It's OK.
    He sounds like an ISTP to me from that description. The 'feeling' vibe you get from him is generated from the fact that he sees values in harmony and feelings. Best of both world really.

    ISTPs like INTPs can be extremely emotion. In fact there used to be old discussions about how these ITPs acted more emotional than their IFJ peers especially when it came to outbursts of emotions. Some will say that an IXFJ (at least this is true for me) that their feelings come across as 'controlled' as it's gone through alot of processing. I don't know about other FJs but I've been described as extremely stotic despite being harmony based.

    "When really negative, hed get super sensitive, and paranoid about everyones intentions and thinks people dont need him."

    This is something I identify with. But I don't really identify with the whole 'calling other people incomptent', we're more known to shouldering the blame for failure and feeling inadaquete about ourselves. One of the biggest problem an IFJ might deal with is perfectionism and not living up to their ideals, in that sense they can be prone to alot of self-hatred.

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    Thanks Kai! So it sounds as if hes is a well developed ISTP. Thats what I thought. When I read the ISTP description, it did resonate with me for him in many ways, except that he probably developed inferior feeling pretty well.

    I also heard that under lots of stress, we go to our shadow functions, which for him is ENFJ, which I am guessing, can be him feeling super sensitive, unappreciated and needy. I am also guessing that since he is naturally, out of touch with his feelings and its unfamilar, he may have a hard times differentiating between what he thinks he is in that area(what he says about himself), vs. what he really is (what the world around him sees).

    Seems like ISTPs are great guys

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