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    My husband consistenly tested INTJ on various free online tests, and matches the type descriptions enough that it seemed like a good enough fit. It was mainly my INTJ son that said, "Dad is no INTJ," that made me turn to functions to crack it. Then the sky high Ti and Se made me realize ISTP is really his type. He's not really a stereotypical ISTP though. I think most people know tests are biased towards N, and his J tested out largely because of work and family responsibilities.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Orobas View Post
    Past 30 or so most of the enfps I know would have T/F confusion. They look like thinkers-albeit they are in a corporate workplace. As Te grows in it hardens them and gives a sense of practicality.

    Lots of ENTPs here seem to have moments where they question if they are feelers or not-as Fe grows in and changes them, they think they may be ENFPs.

    Lots of ENTPs also mention a shadow INTJ state when they are younger-it seems like a distinct life phase for them. A few ENFPs mention a shadow INFJ like state.

    I know an ESTP at work who took a formal MBTI and came out an ENTJ. On the DISC test he took it was more clear-He came out as a high (disturbingly so) D for dominant, yet in reality he is very Fe heavy-in a yucky way. When the group saw this, they all questioned it as it matched none of his behaviors. The assumption is that he is selecting for what he would like to become, not for what he actually is.

    So lots of reasons, but the underlying message is that the four letter MBTI is flawed.

    (I broke it-after all of the questions, it made me pick if I was an ENFP or an ENTP based upon descriptions)

    I agree that we sometimes don't know ourselves very well. The test is much better when other people who know you well help you answer the questions.

    When I first took the test I scored ENFP and a lot of the descriptions seemed to match me, but I know as a child I was a LOT less emotional now that I'm a mom. So maturity (motherhood and working as a teacher) helped develop my Fe although it didn't necessarily come easily as a child.

    The N/S thing was pretty obvious to me, though mostly because my very Se Dominant mom didn't get or care to get my Ni questions about the world when I was young.

    I found the whole J/P thing a little more difficult because although I don't always meet my deadlines I work better when I have them and I like things settled with clear goals before I move forward. I also found that I'm not as motivated to accomplish other peoples goals as I am to accomplish my own goals.

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    Quote Originally Posted by teslashock View Post
    surely she did this to throw you and onnnly you

    or maybe shes just shadowing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sytpg View Post
    It's not difficult to imagine an INFP thinking he was an ESTP if he was a guy. INFP males tend to have to come up with weird ways to adapt to their social environment to be accepted.
    Not as weird as the aye aye!

    Well... actually, I find a certain kinship with the great tribes of aye aye country.

    The biggest change I've seen was Little Linguist. I'm almost cocksure she cycled through the entire system just to arrive back at ENFP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by uumlau View Post
    Anyone who frequents MBTI forums sees people questioning their type and on occasion changing their type. Usually it's something simple, like INTJ to INFJ, or ISTJ to ESTJ. Simple, one-letter changes, as one gradually adjusts one's self understanding.

    But what about the big changes? I've seen a few, with a brief summary of reasons.

    INTJ to ENTP - better understanding of MBTI

    What kind of type changes have you seen? And what do you think the reasons were?

    How much is lack of understanding? How much is it just that MBTI is a pseudo-science and cannot be used with precision?
    Bit of this mixed with a bit of that, I'd say. There are also plenty of people who religiously (like the choice of word Vic ) stick to a type without realising they're doing it wrong.

    Quote Originally Posted by teslashock View Post
    disregard went from INFP to ENTJ.

    How the hell that happens is beyond me...

    But, errrrr, she won't tell me why.
    Stick around long enough and history tells us it'll change again

    Quote Originally Posted by uumlau View Post
    I think the standard MBTI tests are pretty much a "best guess." The reasons for changes are numerous.

    For me, the most surprising change is E to I or vice versa: it's usually really easy to tell whether one is introverted or extroverted. Also, it really doesn't make a difference which it is, especially if it's close to balanced.
    I disagree, obviously :p

    The difference between Dom-function and Aux-function switching isn't always the most obvious thing to see. Someone who is withdrawn/shy/whatever or talkative/social/whatever can easily confuse their understanding.

    Similarly for J/P, as long as you don't score near the middle, it's fairly solid and unchangeable.
    Changing a J/P would generally be an indication of lack of understanding and exposure to functions imo. The use of the word "score" suggests you're talking about people taking MBTI tests to determine their J/P and that is exactly how people can get it messed up. Not understanding if you extrovert with N/S or F/T is a sign that you haven't look in much depth yet. Most people who are unsure of their J/P tend to be noobs ime.

    The biggest changes imo are when people change from one type to another in terms of NT/NF/SP/SJ, I don't really understand that.

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    I don't know how many other people have noticed this, but YLJ went from ENFP to INTJ over a period of time.

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    I used to think I was INFJ, I think it was mostly ignorance, I knew nothing of the ISFP type at the time except for stereotypes.
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    I thought once I was INFP. Not in these terms, as I didn't know anything about MBTI. But, partly thanks to environmental pressure, I thought that

    1) Being subjective and reigned by personal values was the number one goal in my life, even if that meant a rollercoaster ride, because that's what made you a real and unique human.
    2) Being unpopular is equal to being Introvert. Real Es can make themselves popular, can't they?
    3) Meditation was the right way out of an emotional knot (well to me it wasn't. Made the knot tighter, fueled my belief in 1) etc...)
    4) Being interested in theories had nothing to do with personality, only with my brain.

    And then I went to a spiritually inspired summer camp... (*) Well, in a sense, I DID find myself there. I realise I didn't want to spend my time meditating, that this Fi-dom was fake and... that I wanted to learn and find out new theories! Physics, maths, that's what I did best and that's what I wanted to do... Never mind popularity. I was unpopular anyway, whether I was a nerd or not, so I could as well be a nerd and doing the things I liked to do.
    And then I went to university, met lots of scientists and found my E back

    (*) It wasn't only the summer camp that did it. It was a gradual change, with lots of influences, with lots of support and people I took as example or counter-example to what I wanted to be.
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    "One of the dichotomies that I'm borderline on? Yeah, that's easy to be borderline on. Objectively so. Here's why. [bullshit rationale]

    Now, these other dichotomies? Pff. Those are easy. An inbred lobotomized monkey would know where he stands on them!! People who think they're borderline on those just don't know the damn theory."

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