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    Default I don't understand ISTPs!?

    Ok so, I met this guy a while ago and I just can't tell whether he's interested or not? More than a year ago we saw eachother in physics class and then he got my guessing off of fb. and texted me and we've been texting ever since. We've barely interacted in person (we are both pretty shy) and since he graduated last spring I haven't seen much of him.

    He has had a gf since before he met me, but still texts me pretty regularly (like every other night). I wouldn't say he's a 'player' or a 'bad' guy at all. We mostly talk about everyday things or he usually texts me to interpret one of his dreams. He is very guarded, but it seems important to him to appear very confident and happy. He almost brags about how content he is. I found out he lied about not smoking out of fear of offending me. I don't actually care, but is weird that he cared enough to lie to me about that. He's really bad at follow through, like he'll offer to give me something for my birthday but then make an excuse to get out of it. Him being so reluctant to ever meet makes me makes me thing he doesn't like me, but then why would he continually text me (since october 2008)?

    He offered me guitar lessons and when we finally got around to having one we both didn't know how to act in person (because we're so used to texting) and things got awkward because i wasn't sure whether he was doing them because he wanted to or for the money anymore so i cancelled them. But now we're back to our usual texting. Whenever I bring up his gf he immediately makes an excuse to end the conversation. If our friendship was purely platonic wouldn't that not be an issue?

    I feel more strongly for him than I ever have anyone, but I'm obviously not going to pursue him because of his gf. I just want to understand what's going through his head duing all of this??!! I have no idea??! Am I just a friend?

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    he wants your body

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    Listen to Bruce, man. That's how you understand ISTPs. Here ya go:

    YouTube - Bruce Springsteen - I'm on Fire

    YouTube - Bruce Springsteen - Highway Patrolman

    YouTube - Bruce Springsteen - My Hometown

    If that leaves you bored outta yer gord, listen to an INFP spoof Bruce:

    YouTube - tweeter and the monkey man-cats style

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