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    Default Evolution: Intuitive and Sensory

    For a while I have had this theory, here it is:

    Is it possible for the human race to be evolving in two different ways? One within the sensory dichotomy and one within the intuitive? These are two distinctly different types of thinking and I would just like to hear others viewpoints on this, because I think that its entirely possible that since the enlightenment style thinking has taken over much of the world that the amount of intuitives has increased due to the fact that younger people are being born into more learning places that encourage intuitive type thinking. Gah this is just a huge mumbo jumbo, but if you can understand it then please share your thoughts.
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    think of lines of intelligence, which have stages of development. abstract thought makes it possible to view the stages like a taste that is applied to all lines, modulating them in a coherent way, meaning stage 3 is the same taste in both line one and line two, even though to a not-abstract-eye line one looks always different from line two (like "on the outside"). so with this view it does not look like humanity is going astray into different directions. they are all going in the same direction. what are the stages like? the most basic element of any stage is an additional layer of differentiation. if a line of intelligence becomes differentiated, it gives birth to and includes various new perspectives. any stage adds an amount of new perspectives. you can sort of count them and say that stage three has three perspectives. example: the first being "me first and the gimme gimmes" the second being "me and my family, against the neighbors" the third being "human life (including me and all families) against dead matter". these groupings of the subject of intelligence, which is reality, which includes and separates self and other, are the differentiations. all the lines of intelligence can perceive such groups through a different eye, which implies that all the lines "have" those differentiations, meaning they have those very "same" abstract stages. for example the eye of fuck sees my body rubbing against your body at stage one. at stage two it sees our bodies merging. at stage three it sees us, having sex with all species. likewise the eye of philosophy ... you get the pattern. (read ken wilber if you want to know who put this into my head)

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    I doubt it since it doesn't seem to be genetic, and because both S and N are absolutely essential in our world, unless (perhaps) you have the most menial of jobs, there is no reason to choose one over the other.

    I would be more interested in the idea that society has started to encourage intuitive-type thinking more, leading to a change in how children are raised and therefore possibly an increase in the number of intuitives. I don't know what it was like many years ago so I can't really speculate. But certainly both S and N will be necessary for the foreseeable future (maybe until we all get plugged into matrix-style pods, lol).
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    The evolutionary difference between an N person and an S person is no more or less weird than a right handed person and a left handed person.

    We have the same brains, we just prefer to use them differently.

    In other words, it has nothing to do with physical evolution. :P
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