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    Quote Originally Posted by marmalade.sunrise View Post
    Also, I noted that my more usual and common experience of Ne is connecting the dots and collecting random things that somehow end up working perfectly for me in the end.
    Quote Originally Posted by edcoaching View Post
    That's a pretty accurate description of Ne. It's not about predicting the future but about "seeing" an idea without consciously processing where it came from.

    Ne was once described to me as throwing a pot on a wheel. Ideas are flying thick and fast, or bits and pieces of the real world are flying thick and fast, and Ne tosses them onto the wheel, spinning until an idea forms. Ni stands, doing nothing, and then urps a fully formed pot.
    Yes this is how ideas usually happen for me... pulling in all of these different little concepts from all over the place and it's like I know where they each go, without even thinking consciously, as though I had encountered that piece of information in a previous life or something. It just belongs there. That is is how I feel when I'm doing something in visual arts, and it's actually how I felt in engineering school as well, learning physics or differential equations, believe it or not... it is the same feeling.

    Oh I thought of an example. When things are... off... in my life, usually I will just start reading a book or talking to someone, almost randomly, but not randomly at all, and then I find particular concept or piece of wisdom that is exactly what I need to open me up to be able to see the changes I need to make or to grow out of a situation...

    Hm. Now I'm not actually sure if that's a good example or not...

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    Quote Originally Posted by gromit View Post
    When things are... off... in my life, usually I will just start reading a book or talking to someone, almost randomly, but not randomly at all, and then I find particular concept or piece of wisdom that is exactly what I need to open me up to be able to see the changes I need to make or to grow out of a situation...
    What I mean is that it almost feels like everything else is shut but reading that book or talking to the person is open... like the path of least resistance or something. Like, in that part in Finding Nemo when they swim into the Eastern Australian Current... that is what happens. I hop onto that current and find myself carried to somewhere new, better. I think intuition is being able to sense that current in your life and hop on or something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gromit View Post

    Oh I thought of an example. When things are... off... in my life, usually I will just start reading a book or talking to someone, almost randomly, but not randomly at all, and then I find particular concept or piece of wisdom that is exactly what I need to open me up to be able to see the changes I need to make or to grow out of a situation...
    Interesting .. I do this very often but put it down to coincidence.

    For me, it is like everything is in alignment and words/thoughts etc are brought to my attention just when i need them the most, but it is me who finds them, like when i buy a book and the perfect passage is within it to allow me to think further outside the box and make the relevant connections although the book i brought jumped out at me as opposed to me actually wanting it .. I am also aware though of a place i am supposed to be, i know it is not here but because i don't have any definite answers, i just know things will change.

    That probably has nothing to do with intuition though.
    “I made you take time to look at what I saw and when you took time to really notice my flower, you hung all your associations with flowers on my flower and you write about my flower as if I think and see what you think and see—and I don't.”
    ― Georgia O'Keeffe

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adoamros View Post
    turning clouds into lovecraftian monsters and making the sky rain ash while driving
    This happens all the fucking time.

    As for personal experiences..

    When particularly stressed out, visualizing all the possible ways of beating up every single person I see.
    Being chased by hellhounds when really late for something.
    Seeing all the exits upon entering a room. (And escaping from all of them)
    Meteorites and missiles through church towers.
    A fucking dragon standing on my path.

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    When I say something I usually am aware of possible outcomes of said something

    Sometimes I get an unexpected "product" of said something, the reply is like a "product" of clarity but created from something as vague as something itself.

    This happends rarily, and if someone can relate to my little story of myself, can someone determine if it is related to intuition or not?

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    i sort of avoided to give an example of being intuitive about emotions. this is because this process is somewhat offending to the reader. you can basically see a person as an objective entity which is either doing something, or is refraining from it, which is maybe the sensory way to see people in general OR you can see a person as a host of characteristic probabilities that arise and pass, and they are real to you, even if they don't manifest. that is to say, you do not have to be a member of the NSDAP in order to be a nazi, nor do you have to formulate a specific political opinion about a specific objective matter, like jews. it's said that introverted perception works with symbols and that sounds very magical or spiritual, but it is not at all. it is simply seeing a nazi, when you are dealing with one, even when the nazi has not yet manifested in uniform and party. so he is a symbol. and talking about such symbols was outlawed in the international etiquette, which was invented by those grammar nazis

    and the result of seeing nazis all the time, is to see the good in nazis or anyone. because so called "evil" is just one of our possibilities, real and partial. doesn't mean you don't fight them or it.

    seeing the world like this makes it demanding for me to get by with people. i have to be grand at heart to balance the fear that can arise from the temptation to fight the obvious abyss of human nature in the most mundane situations. and when i fail to balance the fear and when i retreat, people will think i am a weak coward. and being a good introverted perceiver i can see the world through various eyes, like the eyes of other people, so i would see myself through their eyes, before i understood myself. but today i know, that some of these strong people that feel so secure would just kill them selves, if they had to see the world through my eyes for three days, assuming it would stay that way. turns out i am not weak. and this helps me to see the responsibility that comes with insight and this helps me to trust in my heart.

    oh, and when i took something like LSD (that would be LSA) i could literally see subtle symbols/representations of the nature of people who would pass me by, that looked somewhat like dragons or birds out of light. not as easy to interpret as typical images of the mind.

    Quote Originally Posted by nanook View Post
    to give an example of... what? without theory there is no definition of the word intuition. i could give all sorts of examples of various moments of cognition that strike me as odd, but the more they are odd, the less likely they are related to type.

    being intuitive about thoughts: meaning you know there is something wrong with your theory but you can not justify or explain how it is wrong. something in you seems to want to believe the opposite. you may have a clear idea about the other version, but cant justify it either. you live with the doubt and entertain both possibilities, even if that means to have doubt about the most significant aspects of your identity of reality. the cause of your doubts may not be related to the topics of your thoughts. rather your psyche is "abusing" the topic to communicate something else to you. everyday topics like typology become like dream symbols that have two meanings: their original objective meaning, and their meaning to the subject - that's you. but the two processes inform each other and must be either synchronized or differentiated in a meaning full way. because you are not just yourself, your brain is the intelligence that creates your whole world and all ideas about it. if you would try to be "objective" you would try to be reductionist, that is to say you would minimize the field that you deal with until you would foolishly believe, that it's too small for your subject to enter it and distort it. introverted perception has no interest in limiting your view in such a pragmatical way because it is not interested in practical reproducible manipulations. it wants to maximize the view and include more and more of the subject and thus embrace the unpredictable, the future of understanding. i could never give an example of this, because its a very long and complicated process of creating your understanding, your view of self and world. it's as complicated as i am. or as complicated as the world. obviously everyone is creating and maintaining a worldview that unites subject and object. this image or map is essentially what we are. but for some people it happens in the background, automatically. i push it around, semi-consciously, fully intentionally (curiously), collecting bits, tweaking tiny aspects of my shrine at a time.

    being intuitive about specific sensory input: allowing objects to open you to imagination. this is the perception of art. you hunt through a collection of random objects (say wikipedia articles about vikings, funny words like "kimbern", some nice pictures) and observe what parts of yourself are highlighted in yourself. those parts are the puzzel that you try to get together. true vikings may not be that interesting to you. you are only looking for the viking in your self.

    being intuitive about patterns and mapping them with meanings: this is mostly spacial intelligence and association, meaningful memory access. may not be related to typological intuition. but it provides instant insight into the nature of some entity, so it is likely motivated by the personality of a perceiver or intuitive. example: physiognomy. but patterns are not just in visual items, but all sort of abstract topics, but according to the way i understand the term "spacial intelligence" it's what connects things in ways that are not logical. however the connected things may be logical objects. so reading between lines or theory of mind (identifying cognitive functions) requires a spacial intelligence that maps associations and memories.

    for me it also seems to be this spacial mapping that creates understanding of movement, process, intrinsic character. its the purpose of the mapping. as soon as i have the mapping i can predict the process. so the map is a function. its somewhat alive. before that i am only "intuitive" about how to complete a map that i am looking for.

    the above is inspired by my introverted perception (Ni, Si, i don't care much to separate them anymore) but my wordings may be more general or imprecise ...

    being intuitive about whats going on in general: asking for inner guidance, recognizing synchronicity. understanding how live works. too big of a topic to give a specific example. this original meaning of intuition is more like a stage of spiritual development and it's probably somewhat unrelated to typology. its the sort of intuition that people don't listen to. but to the degree you listen to it, it may have something to say about everything. its just to irregular to be typological function. example: my mother was lost. she has a bad case of alzheimers. there was absolutely no way to calculate her whereabouts. i knew where she was. it was a random place. i had no reason to know. i did consciously chose to not listen to it. i had a inner conflict about it. i decided to search town in a effective grid pattern instead. she was found by strangers at the random place i had in mind, initially.

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    Quote Originally Posted by No Exit View Post
    What I am asking is.. not for a defintion of Intuition cut and pasted from some description online or borrowed from "Please Understand Me" ,
    but rather your own personal experiences..Not theory, but practice in your own life.

    Also was it it Ni or Ne..

    My example is.. About 6 months ago My then partner and I were walking down our street, it was late summer or early autumn. The leaves had not yet fallen and the grass was still green. It was night time. I suddenly stopped as I was overcome by a vision of seeing the street in winter. I was also overcome by a very strong emotional reaction.
    Having never walked down this street in winter before I suppose it was easy
    to imagine what things would look like when a fresh snow had fallen. It was not a deep snow but rather something like the 1st snow fall of the season.
    But the emotion was something else. very vivid and intense.. and more strong than any other feeling of it's type I had ever felt, it was overwhelming.
    My partner asked.. and I told her what I was seeing and feeling.. I told her I am alone.. I feel very alone.. meaning not just walking alone.. but alone in spirit and heartbroken. The feeling would not go away
    Yes.. about 6 weeks later on the day the 1st snow fell I was walking down that very street very heartbroken and alone.. The details were uncanny in their similarity and my emotional state was exact . In fact I noticed the feeling before I made the connection to what I was seeing, and then made the connection to 6 weeks earlier.
    I am under the impression this is Ni..

    What story can you share.. Intution is fascinating, But is rather poorly described and real life examples would be awesome for understanding how it actually works.

    Please share.
    Very Ni indeed!

    Unconsciously, you already knew the outcome of your relationship, before it even started, and all it took was a trigger to release the unconscious memory, like the street you were walking down. Precognitive thought feels very similar to the Dj vu phenomenon!
    ... They say that knowledge is free, and to truly acquire wisdom always comes with a price... Well then,... That will be $10, please!

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    Natural disasters seemingly random in force and timing. Human frailty. We can self repair but sometimes cancer kills us. Why can't we breathe underwater? The universe is so big and cold. We must fight, why? for resourses Why must I sleep? pi will never be defined perfection is nonexist i see a man; who are you? you must cross the road children

    (attempted to explain my atheism through Ni but utterly failed and in the process got bored, tired and confused? )

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