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    Default Secondary function - The "Troublemaker"?

    I had an inspirational thought today that it's not the Fi that generally gets me in "trouble" ... it's the Ne, as my purported secondary function.

    For me, Ne is all about The Possibilities; and the possibilities sometimes make me proceed off course or multi-task to infinity or venture to the unknown or even freeze in fear.

    When I was younger, optimism always prevailed, so undesired outcomes (as a sub-set of The Possibilities) were glossed over or even overlooked. Now as I (continue to) get older, I see the possibilites more clearly, good and bad. Or rather, desired vs undesired. If anything, I can now be overly concerned with the negative possibilities, rather than keeping them in a good proportional balance.

    It's all the "what if's" and the contemplation of them makes me find living in the moment hard; and sometimes makes me afraid to try the "new" just because something could go wrong. Part of that too is remembering the past yukky stuff that I didn't want to happen but did.

    For example, I had surgery a number of years back and the Dr. told me that there was only a 2% chance of an "undesired" outcome happening, but it DID happen. That was the day I realized that using probability to reassure yourself wasn't a fool-proof technique.

    Don't mistake me though; I am excited by and love possibilities; it's just that I can now tend to over-focus on them and I need to swing that back to balance by being more attuned to the present.

    So what do you think? What's your secondary function, and do you sometimes see it as the "troublemaker"?
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    Freezing in fear in front of all the billions of possibilities in front of you sounds more like Tertiary-Si to me. "Jesus Christ, just think of all the horrible things that could possibly happen here! How am I supposed to know that any of them will actually benefit me?! I better sit back and not make any choices until I know what's going to happen. That way, I'm not risking anything."

    To properly embrace Auxillary-Ne, you have to accept that you can't know everything up front - to have faith in your own ability to adapt creatively and intelligently.

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    Any function can be a troublemaker... even your dominant. Like my Ni that can't stop thinking about what-ifs...

    If you want to look at auxiliary though. Yeah, there are times I feel emotional about things that I really should have no reason to feel so involved in. I cry at pretty much every sad scene in a movie... no matter how stupid it is. I keep on thinking to myself, enough already but nope... my eyes are still wet.
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    Se gets me in trouble, people don't like Se especially high school teachers.
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    *I agree*
    Love is the point.

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    Ne secondary is very good for me in terms of seeing where I can go and not becoming entrenched.

    However, since I overuse it, sometimes it confuses me unnecessarily (by making me too open), can create anxiety (since I imagine negative possibilities/reads on things), or leads to me being unproductive as I'm always thinking of new things to try or new strategies to try before I've accomplished my old goals or worked the old strategy long enough to be effective.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nightning View Post
    Any function can be a troublemaker...
    I agree with this.

    My dominant Te got me in trouble a lot when I was a kid, because when I noticed a teacher doing something "wrong", I would correct them.

    My secondary Si gets me in trouble when I do this: "I don't care about that new fact! Can't we just get this job DONE already???"

    My tertiary Ne gets me in trouble by letting me go off on tangents about really random sh*t that no one cares about except for me...

    My inferior Fi gets me in trouble when it gets me really angry about something, and then doesn't let me say it out loud, so the act of suppressing it distracts me from other things that need doing.
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    Hmm, Ti is usually the troublemaker. Ne/Si/Fe are just accomplices.

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    With Ne primary and Ti secondary, I find that Ne is fairly trustworthy and Ti is not. My intuition rarely leads me astray, but my Ti can either lead me to incorrect conclusions (mainly due to starting with one or more incorrect premises) or can just leave me anxious and distracted, thinking in circles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quinlan View Post
    Se gets me in trouble, people don't like Se especially high school teachers.

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