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    Quote Originally Posted by oberon View Post
    With Ne primary and Ti secondary, I find that Ne is fairly trustworthy and Ti is not. My intuition rarely leads me astray, but my Ti can either lead me to incorrect conclusions (mainly due to starting with one or more incorrect premises) or can just leave me anxious and distracted, thinking in circles.
    But, the "incorrect premises" that Ti is systematically trying to process is brought in by Ne, which you're saying rarely leads you astray? :confused:

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    Ti doesn't get me in trouble, I find it tiring to rely on but Ne is more likely to get me in trouble in other people's eyes, Fe is more likely to cause me trouble. Fe is the devil!

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    Ti causes me the most trouble for sure. Most of my issues irl revolve around an ineffective way of dealing with people. I'm too logical and analytical and (subconsciously) want/expect others to value logical consistency as much as I do. I will rarely do something for the sake of social harmony and maintaining a peaceful emotional dynamic with the group if it doesn't fit in with my Ti sense of "fairness."

    Most of the time, my default action is to use my Ti to demonstrate oneupmanship by pointing out a logical inconsistency, rather than giving merit to another person's feelings, regardless of the "logical inconsistencies."

    Also, my Ti causes me to completely over-analyze all the variables in a situation and complicate the solution to a problem. I often find that it's difficult for me to go with the obvious meaning of something (the meaning that Ne has already picked up on via recognition of past patterns), as Ti begs for clarification upon clarification (even if I know intuitively on some level what the meaning is). Ti wants it spelled out word for word to eliminate all of the possibilities for other meanings. It's obnoxious.

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