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Thread: Last or Latest?

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    Default Last or Latest?

    this posting is actually about thinking, about language and it might hold implications for typology

    Which one is the newest version of IrfanView?
    the one that is mentioned as subtitle of the sub-forum in this picture?

    <-embedded image

    wait, i have already installed version 4.25. so this sub-forum must be about a old version. huh?

    you can either think about software in terms of release dates or build numbers in which case the number is an event in time and the last one is also the latest one. (even though one word might be a more correct choice, but my point is, it could have no more than one meaning. there is never a newer event than the last or latest one because we don't usually label the presence, except when we describe an ongoing event, but if we would talk about ongoing software development, I would speak of a "future" version)

    or you can think about software in terms of a solid object which has an attribute imprinted on it, in which case the attribute of the new object is the latest release-number meaning the current version number and in which case the last release-number would be the previous number which signifies the obsolete objects which are still lying around somewhere on peoples hard-discs.

    this is so odd to me. i prefer the first version of thinking about it.

    and that seems to show me how abstract my mind thinks (if abstract is the right word) and how abstraction may be a close relative of time or process.
    a "build" is not an object, but an event, and to put a number on it is somewhat abstract.
    a build is a process and the product of the process is a program (a version of the product), but in my mind it's the build that determines the properties of it's product, not the product, which has the properties, albeit this is just as true.

    and a message board about a version of a software product is concerned with the code base that has given birth to a product during the build, so understanding the bugs of a version means relating them to a code-base of the past. even if we are talkin about the current version, the latest version and the last build.

    so i prefer to associate attributes of objects to the creation of the object. the object consists entirely of attributes, therefore it makes little sense to me, to associate them with "the object". you would have to prefer holistic thinking to process thinking. an object is a holon that includes properties. i can do that too, but in the case of software, holistic thinking seems to be odd. actually: in the context of all artefacts. holons make sense in nature, which creates itself. in that case the boundaries of a holon are both boundaries of an object (humanity) and boundaries of the intrinsic/creative process (human evolution), even though there is interaction between holons in all directions.

    by the way, in germany we use one and the same word ("die letzte") for the meaning of "the last one" and the meaning of "the latest one". to be more precised, we can say "die aktuelle" meaning "the current" and "die vorherige" meaning "the previous". there is another german word which is similar to "latest", it's "letzteres" but that can't be used in the same grammatical and/or situational context.

    so what's my point? i don't make points.

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    and don't tell my i am wrong. i am obviously confused and inconsistent about such matters.
    this is not about being right, its about how and why you (anyone) would make a specific "error" or why you would not and how you would create a language that is "right".

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